First Infinium Hunt

We took the Infinium out for its first ‘field trip’ and some ‘operator training’ to an old WW2 Army Hospital site on Sunday 14th August. It was fitting we should visit a WW2 site the day before ‘VP’ day. It was a ‘dig everything’ exercise so we ended up with a large collection of rusty nails, wire and bolts, and a single .22 cartridge. The Infinium was able to smoothly operate over very ‘hot’ ground that the VLF detectors could not penetrate. We will return to the site and publish a YouTube video of the two hunts in the coming weeks. We are still waiting on the Monoloop coil we have ordered, plus coil covers to protect the investment.  The Infinium will feature in our return to the goldfields in the coming months. Happy Hunting everyone.


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