WW2 Relic & Coin Hunt: Australian Casualty Clearing Station.

We make our 1st visit the site of a 1944 Australian Army Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) in remote Northern Queensland. This was Australia’s ‘Front Line’ during the New Guinea campaigns. The CCS was deployed to treat casualties from Merauke in New Guinea, RAAF aircrew injured in operational sorties from the nearby forward airstrip, and any personnel injured during Japanese air raids. Surprise finds near the end of the hunt were a glorious 1927 King George V silver Florin, and a Sterling Silver ring fashioned from a Sixpence by some lonely digger for his sweetheart! Thanks for watching and please take the time to visit our site www.nqexplorers.com. Happy Hunting everyone!


46 thoughts on “WW2 Relic & Coin Hunt: Australian Casualty Clearing Station.

  1. Doc, thanks for your great comment mate, makes all the effort worthwhile when we receive comments such as yours! The old hat is approaching its ‘use by’ date, the holes are getting bigger LOL. I have a new hat on standby when the old one finally passes – but it will take a few years for the new hat to acquire that kind of ‘character’ LOL. Best wishes mate and HH!

  2. Thanks for your great comment from East Tennessee! Appreciate you taking the time to watch our videos – best wishes and Happy Hunting!

  3. Thanks for the very informative video and a peek at some fabulous finds! What a spot…filled with history and artifacts! You make the place come alive in my mind with the combination of the then and now footage. Appreciate your efforts, filming & narration talent and of course your hat! Supersnoopy never sent me my hat! Ha! Ha! That Garrett is a pretty darn good machine! HH & GL. Cheers mate!

  4. Thanks for watching Ole, I have quite a few more hunts filmed on that spot that I will post in the coming weeks. Best wishes and Happy Hunting!

  5. Great video Warren, congrats on the silver, beautiful coins and great spot you have found.
    It is always a pleasure to watch your videos. GL & HH

  6. Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment on the video,hope you are having plenty of luck with your hunts. Best wishes and HH!

  7. Thanks Willo – good to have you back up and running, hope you didn’t lose too much data in the comp disaster! Happy Hunting mate.

  8. Thumbs up on this great vid! Very interesting and as always great relics coming up out the ground. I always look forward to your vids.

  9. Warren top stuff, loved it. Any day you find a KGV florin is a great day, particularly in such good nick and a sixpence ring – wow! Look forward to coming sorties! I am so glad to have a computer working again!

  10. Thanks for your great comment Mars – much appreciate it mate. I have several more hunts filmed at the site with some great finds – will upload in the coming weeks. Hope you are finding some great stuff yourself – best wishes and HH!

  11. Another excellent production as always mate! Loved the scenery, history, and finds. Especially that Florin. What’s the phrase…………… What a rippah!! I have a feeling you are going to find a lot of good stuff there in the future. Can’t wate for the next vid. Hunt Happy!

  12. [..YouTube..] I always enjoy watching your videos NQ. You make finding coins look easy and those coppers certainly were in good nick. I reckon that copper wire basket was a water filter, a “rock stopper”for the pipe that brought water up from the creek.
    Well done, Rob.

  13. [..YouTube..] Stunning as always Warren! Hey congratulations on the great finds! I really like that sixpence ring! That bottle was a great find as well. Outstanding and keep them coming! Miss not having you around to bounce things off of ya! Glad your hunts are going so well!

  14. [..YouTube..] Warren,

    Great finds mate, love the florin and 6P ring. I have seen a few florin rings found, but that is the first 6P. I bet there is a good story behind that one.

  15. [..YouTube..] Great video as always and great commentary of this lovely site. The coins just keep coming. The silver florin and sixpence would have been a big loss for someone back then i’m sure and the handmade silver sixpence ring is a fantastic find and would have taken some time to make in the bush, lovely bit of history there. Really enjoyed this video from start to finish. Looking forward to your next. Take care and HH.

  16. [..YouTube..] On fire again NQ, awesome video mate. I thought you were going to pop a Sov out then – only a matter of time.. you are hunting some great spots. The ring is a belter, not really trench art.. but rear-echelon art i reckon 🙂 HH ~Oz

  17. [..YouTube..] Mate this is a great video. Beautiful area to detect oozing with history. Your research paid off – great hunt. The florin is a ripper! The rest of the coins are fantastic not just because they are predecs but because they were coins handled by our diggers…. well done

  18. [..YouTube..] Warren, amazing hunt with some outstanding results accompanies this educational adventure in the remote far north. First you set the scene then our imaginations take over – picturing the site as it was. Suddenly – rugged bush is transformed into a place of action, some of which results in the depositing of coins and relics – to be uncovered decades later. The Pennies – great – the Florin – sensational..and the 6p ring – incredible. Truly great adventure – thanks mate. More please. Cheers GL & HH

  19. [..YouTube..] Another fantastic video with your signature mix of quality historical research and on-the-spot relic hunting. You really bring these remote places alive mate. Please keep up the great work. Tim