Australian Metal Detecting – Spring 2012.

A bit of fun with our new iMovie package which we will be using for all future videos, with some sneak peeks at upcoming adventures! Happy Hunting everyone!


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  1. Thanks BnBob01, for your comment on our video, our response has taken a month since for some reason your comment was marked as ‘spam’ by YouTube! Happy Hunting mate!

  2. look forward to seeing you wield it. I haven’t found any gold with mine yet but i haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet. There was a problem with the coil it came with and it took me about a year to work that out! 😉 found my first pre-decimal coin a couple of weeks ago. A 1936 penny, found with an Ace 150. I found another penny soon after but it was too corroded to work out

  3. No worries – but my how the times change. I didn’t realise – but that “Trailer” was 2 Years ago…almost to the month.That video has amassed a total number of views in two years – that yours has reached in two days. I have one comment [thanks Dave] 2 likes and 1 dislike [a lost Bieber fan]. Looks like the same viewer must still be lost – as you have already achieved the one dislike. LOL At this rate you will have 80,000 views in the next 2 years – Start the party now I say – go iMac! Cheers HH

  4. And here I was thinking you wanted to go to the spot the crew has found 10 sovereigns in the past year and there is a whole lot more at that spot.

  5. Thanks for watching and commenting Justanotherpulltab – much appreciated mate – hope to get to your standards one day! HH mate!

  6. Thanks for your great comment Rex – that was edited with our new iMovie package – a big step from Moviemaker and a lot to learn but plenty of potential there! HH mate!

  7. Thanks for your comment k1ng401 – unfortunately, as I was away for 4 months up north we haven’t had a chance to do any prospecting this year and the infinium has stayed at home while all the relic hunting has been going on. Hoping to do a goldfields trip in November at this stage – looking forward to dusting off the Infinium for that trip! HH mate!

  8. Thanks for your comment GFdigger – iMovie has a lot more to offer and on a steep learning curve at the moment – but we have at least one movie to upload which was edited in Moviemaker – so might be a few videos before we are fully iMovie LOL. Best wishes mate and HH!

  9. Thanks for your great comment GemQ – I think some network should pick all of us up and do an Aussie Treasure Hunting Series – we will start in Teddy Park LOL. HH mate!

  10. Thanks for your comment Ian, I studied “Beach Detecting Movie Trailer” (the benchmark for this type of thing) in detail for inspiration – it even has a rare glimpse of your good self LOL. iMovie has plenty of potential to be explored! HH mate!