WW2 Relic Hunt: RAAF Airfield (4th Sortie): Cape York Australia.

We make our 4th visit to the site of a forward airfield used by the Royal Australian Air Force and the US Army Air Corps in the defence of Northern Australia against Japanese air raids during WW2. This is the fourth video in a series of hunts at this facility. Live digs in this video turn up some real surprises! Please note that no metal detecting or relic hunting is carried out in areas of declared historical wrecks or memorial sites – as ex-RAAF members we treat these sites with the utmost respect. This is our last video edited in MovieMaker – all future movies will be edited in iMovie and uploaded in High Definition. Happy Hunting! www.nqexplorers.com


66 thoughts on “WW2 Relic Hunt: RAAF Airfield (4th Sortie): Cape York Australia.

  1. Thanks for your reply Warren and will be waiting with Baited breath for the new videos.
    I have a funny detecting story for you and the readers, A few years ago I was detecting the old town site of Rushworth Vic not the current town and started getting really good signals on my old garrett, so I started to dig when this man walking his dog come passed and quoted you carn’t dig there thats the old chinese grave yard, show respect. I didn’t know wasn’t mark or recorded

  2. Thanks for your great comment Chris, we don’t actually have a DVD, just the YouTube uploads, but the DVD is a great idea anyway – we will look into it! We will be uploading a new WW2 dig in the next couple of days, followed by a couple of return digs to the old WW2 airfield. Appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment on our videos – all the best mate and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  3. Great work NQ Explorer
    really enjoy your trips away and the digs, I was wondering have you released a dvd, if so were could I get it from. specailly the ww2 digs.
    Keep up the great work and hoping to hear from you.
    Chris of Bendigo Vic.

  4. Thanks for watching Scott, sorry for the late reply – and thanks for identifying those small buckles as gaiter buckles – I should have know since I wore them as a RAAF Cadet back in the ’70s! HH mate. Warren.

  5. Thanks for your comment Pete – yes the soil at the old RAAF base and the Army CCS where the videos are filmed is a medium grained white sand – preserves the coins and relics beautifully, I guess the blokes living in it for years at a time would have been thoroughly sick of it – a tent with a sand floor – but also dropped items would have been covered quickly with the scuffing of boots. Thanks for the info on the mail bag lock – best thing about YouTube is getting IDs on unknown items! HH mate!

  6. Thanks for watching oldguyproductions – much appreciated, and yes, with the warmer weather, in some spots those little bush flies are swarming LOL. HH mate!

  7. Hi Warren, That half moon object you found (that open & shuts and locks together) was used to lock Mail Bags. I’ve dug a couple and at first I thought they were some type of flimsy handcuff. I was talking to an old digger and I showed him and he told me what it was. That soil is very friendly to the coins. That live round that has the weird end I have never seen before. Great video Mate. Cheers, Pete

  8. no problem, Warren! in my last few vids, Ive found a couple of gold coins, a roman fish thing and a gold button so you didnt miss much ;o)

  9. Yeah sorry mate, should have explained that – ‘doohickey’ is an Aussie ‘thingamagig’ – or some such ridiculous synonym! HH mate – aplogies for not commenting more regularly on your outings – but I have been away for the last 4 months on Cape York – back home now and look forward to your next! Best wishes. Warren.

  10. Thanks for watching and commenting Ringo – the ‘doohickey’ has been tentatively identified as the nose part for a practice bomb. The 1961 comment – perhaps should have just edited that out LOL. HH mate!

  11. Thanks for watching and commenting on the video – there are a number of Silver and Electro-plate silver websites on the net but I guess you have researched them, and some can be quite valuable – better re-visit ‘dads-drawer’ LOL. Best wishes and Happy Hunting!

  12. my first relic find was a teaspoon back in early 90s. Still have it in a ‘dads-drawer’ next to the bed. Has some sort of stamp on it but I can’t make it out.

  13. Hi, Warren. It’s very exciting to learn that you have a number of video hunts forthcoming from your journey to the cape, it’s nice when you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Lol. It’ll be good to see your joint hunts with Colleen again, a bit of competition to spice things up a bit. With your spring well under way, mind those spiders and snakes waking up from their slumbers. Take care, mate. Regards, Rich. 😀

  14. G’day Stout – we don’t find arrow heads in Australia – aboriginal people didn’t use arrows, but rather spears (thrown by a woomera), occasionally you can come across an aboriginal ‘tool factory’ where they have been making stone spear heads and axes, many of these tool factories are thousands of years old. Otherwise in the creeks you find boulders that have been used for sharpening stone spear heads and axes long long ago. Always on the lookout for such fascinating spots! HH. Warren.

  15. Thanks for your comments Rich, the mystery domed object has been identified as the nose cone from a practice bomb – does look like a piece of machinery though. I filmed all the Cape York hunts alone – I was deployed up there for 4 months with work (back home now permanently) – so back hunting with Colleen, she should appear in an upcoming video – in the interim I have another dozen or so hunts filmed up there LOL. So will attempt to upload every fortnight! Best wishes mate and HH!

  16. Thanks for your comment GFDigger, yep that spot just kept producing, and I have more follow-up hunts filmed with further great finds! Look forward to you getting out and doing some detecting mate, you have some great spots down there. Go go go LOL. HH mate!

  17. Mr NQ have a question, hunting here we sometimes find arrowheads and stuff like that do you ever find anything like that?….. most of my sites are remote too… HH Stout65

  18. A very exciting video hunt and I like the film intro and exit to add to the history of the site you were hunting, Warren. You discovered some fantastic relics and coins including the silver, well found. That brass domed thing looks like some kind of steam valve, or at least a part of one. Did you go alone on these last few visits? Thanks for sharing and GL & HH for your next trip up north. I’m eager to see your next video offering. Regards, Rich 😀

  19. If anyone can find it I know you can. I just wonder what they used to identify it. I am wondering if they also used the old Spanish Mining code, signs, symbols or developed their own code for caching? The deeper I get sucked into this stuff, the more I wonder about these things especially after seeing the great relics you are recovering on that site. I think that it is the stone that never seems to change is the key to pay attention to the most. But a bent tree or oddity can get you there!

  20. Great finds NQ with an abundance of coins and cutlery. That sure looks like a great spot to concentrate on as an ongoing project. When stuff comes out of the ground in such quick sucession you know you’re on to a hot spot. I get a few places like that down here I keep going back and getting more and more. No excuse for me and MM now not to start producing…! Well done again. Cheers GFdigger.

  21. Thanks for that comment Sinisha, Colgate Rapid Shave – yes I checked and you are right – I could see the “Rapid Shave” – dont know why the “Colgate: didn’t click! LOL. Thanks for watching and HH!

  22. Thanks for your comment Ian, much appreciated mate, and apologies for not regularly commenting on your videos – but I am back home permanently now from the Cape and now have the luxury of e-mail and the internet LOL. HH mate.

  23. Thanks for your comment Chris – yep the sandy soil is a dream to hunt and dig, coil goes deep and you don’t get warn out! Snakes – yes we have had a few ‘hairy’ encounters with snakes – but usually if you make enough noise they will give you a wide berth – one reason we don’t wear headphones is so we are aware of what is happening around us. Having said that – just about ALL the snakes in the areas we hunt are deadly!! We carry a snake bite kit because hospital is always a long way off! HH!

  24. Hi ,
    Your so called ‘doohicky’ you found at the RAAF Airfield is the nose piece of a 8 1/2 or 11lb practice bomb.
    It would have had a steel pin about 4″ long at the base, this acted as the striker. If you want a pic of a complete one ,contact me and i’ll email.
    Great little site ,always interesting fossicking round WW2 areas.


    • G’day Rob, and thanks for that great info. We have dug quite a few of those ‘doohickeys’ and even at the time I was almost tempted to suggest it was the nose fuse or something from a bomb – your great comment has identified the object. They have a small DD arrow logo cast into the side.

  25. Again, it’s great to see what your are finding out there in what looks like an isolated area, Warren. Love them little silver threepence, there nice to find. Thanks for showing us what you have been up to mate.
    All the best!!.

  26. Realy strange looking .50Cal there…..I’m pretty sure thats a gunmakers tool rather than a live round. Wich explains the hole in the butt-end (to preserve the fire-ing pin during test fire).
    Should be rare…………… 🙂
    Nice video again 🙂

  27. Great new finds on that airstrip Warren and as I said I love viewing those vids from areas I perhaps never will be on my own. But as her Majesties spy said: Never say never again!.
    Greetings from Berlin.


  28. Awesome Warren! Hey I was just thinking that with most Military sites there maybe a cache of supplies nearby in case they had to return. Have you had any experience with running across any hints of a cache of supplies on these sites?

  29. Once again a very good presentation of the area. Have you received any comments from the guys based in this area? Thanks for taking us along and we are looking forward to future hunts.
    Best of luck.

  30. As always another excellent video. I really enjoyed watching your hunt. That’s such a neat historical area. You made some really good finds, thanks for sharing here. I look forward to your next video!


  31. Great video, it is a real pleasure to watch a well researched and planned hunt.

    Has anyone tried to fire the ammunition you find|? I wonder if after 70+ years it would be capable of still working?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  32. Warren almost felt I was standing behind you looking over your right shoulder – loved the variety of finds, and the big ammunition, would love to find one of those big shell cases and polish it up but not too many sites of that type around here, or at least they seem to still be in use! Are you still going to be spending a lot of time away or will that taper off as we move to the hotter part of the year, having said that it was our coldest October day for 44 years here,

  33. Looked up the “Two up” you were talking about and discovered a mad addictive game! No wonder it was outlawed! And coinsidentely found a Two up set in a charity shop with real Aussie pennies! A 1941 and a 1963! going to organise a game with friends and win some pennies! (Thats my gambling limit!)! HH!

  34. NQ – For a final effort with MovieMaker – this has been a fitting end to the old ways. You sure are on a roll of awesomeness at this site. The “swing over locking mechanism thing” – needs no further ID LOL. What’s with the soil – too nice. Warren – I’m confused – the pace of this movie – find after find – loads of action. By the 6.00 mark..I’m getting dizzy. Coins / relics / Shaving Cream – the lot! What a productive location and hunt. You are the “Cutlery King” for sure! Cheers GL & HH