Beach Detecting “Smuggler’s Cove”.

A bit of nonsense as our search for Spanish Silver and Sunken Sovereigns turns up Sinkers and Scrap! On a beach rich in history dating back to the early 17th Century, a woman’s thong and lots of scrap metal feature in this “Boy’s Own” adventure. Apologies for wasting your time with this video, but not all research produces the great finds – although it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect better than this! Happy Hunting Everyone!


59 thoughts on “Beach Detecting “Smuggler’s Cove”.

  1. Another great video! Like your sense of humour, the thong flash was great! So really that dangerous in those waters with the crocs? Imagine then that there is allot in the water. No waste of 10 minutes for sure.
    Good hunting!

  2. Thank you very much for the wonderful sight and learning experience, I also have the GTI 2500.

    non the less I have been glued to your videos.. so entertaining. (loved the thong clip and comment.. so funny)

  3. @Mr NQ,

    well we finally get to see your face, and what a handsome man you are. however, after hearing your voice many many times, i always thought you were in your late 50’s/early 60’s.

  4. G’day Ringo, no – unfortunately no coins in that beach – the reason being that it is such a remote location, that few people actually go there – and you can’t swim because of the crocodiles LOL. Thanks for watching mate and HH!

  5. Thanks for your great comment Mars, no great finds on that beach but I think there is a secret or two hidden there somewhere – and I hope to see you out detecting soon after your quite period. Best wishes mate and HH! Warren.

  6. Thanks for taking us along on another adventure. A bit of a change from your treks through the bush. What a beautiful beach. Detecting aside, looks like a great relaxation spot. Aside from the crocs that is. Haven’t been able to go out for the last couple months myself. Too many other “must doos” lately. Get back there and find a sovereign for me ok? Cheers mate! HH

  7. That would be a find of the day. I would chance a heart attack ! If she would let me help her put on her sun screen, man I hope she isn’t ugly.. Oh well, what hell do I care if shes ugly.

  8. You got that right Warren, we’d have the law enforcement there for sure, it would be off the hook to meet everybody and share some of our best finds . I agree with you that we really do live on a beautiful planet, and I think there gems like that beach at every corner of it. HH mate

  9. Thanks for your comment Pete, almost deleted that footage but thought someone might enjoy the hunt for the scenery rather than the finds – and as we all know, not all days come up with the rip-roaring finds! Hope you are on the mend mate and are able to get out and swing a coil soon! Warren.

  10. Thanks for the great comment LAdigger81, much appreciated mate – that ‘Thong’ find saved the day, and a lot of research went into finding the right picture for the video LOL. Hope you are out and about among the CW relics – look forward to your next upload! HH mate!

  11. Thanks for your great comment Rich, and no, they weren’t my legs – if they were I would be showing them off a lot more often LOL. That beach – which has never seen a metal detector – would be worth a few return trips (although it is 1000km from home LOL). Fortunately for the video, the thong ‘find’ saved the day. HH mate!

  12. Thanks for your comment Magpie, have often thought about the time machine idea LOL. It would be amazing to see places ‘as they were’ – particularly in your part of the world. Actually that beach is only around 10km from Possession Island where James Cook came ashore in 1770 and planted the Union Flag – so lots of early history (by our standards) in the area. I went out and camped on the island – might post a short video of that too. HH mate – hope you are out on a video hunt soon! Warren.

  13. Thanks for your great comment John, yes the crocodiles there are large and cranky and not concerned about humans at all – so no swimming or camping on the beach LOL. The thong was the find of the day – and it took a lot of research to get the right image to fit the video LOL. HH mate – hope you are out on a hunt soon!

  14. Yes, another good video of your’s Warren, with a wonderful scenery to look at. Even with no finds a real good video.
    Greetings from Berlin


  15. Exciting history of Smuggler’s Cove, but it’s a shame that it didn’t offer any of its wealth to you this time round, Warren.I see that you weren’t up there alone this time, and unless I’m mistaken you’ve either got the most amazing legs for a bloke, or I was seeing things. Lol!! I think that you should go back there after the coast has been battered by storms, you’re luck may just change. Great video and beautiful location. Cheers! GL & HH 😀

  16. What a total waste of time… Only joking mate, enjoyed every moment of this video especially the history of this site. Would have been totally different back then. Where can i buy a time machine LOL would love to go back in time and hunt some of the old battle grounds, castles and Roman camp sites. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next. HH mate.

  17. Beautiful butt!!. No sorry!!, I mean place. I bet you need eyes in the back of your head, with that salt water crocodile around. I thought it was bad being in a field with a bull, bulocks, sheep and a horse.
    Great video, thanks for posting Warren!!!.

  18. That video was of a beautiful beach. Looking at such pretty scenery is not a waste of time. I bet that beer tasted great also. GL and HH Hugh

  19. That’s like a typical day of detecting for me, except I’m usually not at a beach. Trash trash and more trash, with just enough coins and interesting items to keep me swinging.

  20. Great vid! Editing rocks; nice piece of FOOTWEAR. That place would be great to swim and have a party, dang crocs. Thanks for sharing.

  21. That was cool! You don’t always have to find a bunch of goodies to have an interesting video. This was a beautiful area you visited and I probably would have never seen it if not for your video. This was well done and fun to watch, better luck next time, I’m sure you will make up for the lack of finds.

  22. Warren, you live in one beautiful country! That beach is the absolute tops! I could see myself relaxing there for days. LOL Who gives a darn if you didn’t find any coins or relics, with a view like that, it would be hard to focus on the swingin anyway! HH Doug

  23. Awesome video, I understand the beach detecting can be very rewarding, I guess you just have to hit it at the right time. Take Care and Bod Bless …

  24. Excellent location and fascinating history NQ..!! I have no doubt with several hundred years of shifting sands there would be relics off sailing ships from long ago somewhere amongst the rocky reefs at the shore line.. what is the shore line ‘now’ and in the hinterland beyond the dunes. They wouldn’t have all piled off the ships and stayed on the beach. Don’t know if crocs like the scrub behind the foreshore but I’d be in there next. Well done and very interesting. Cheers GF.

  25. Another great video. No way a wast of time when you are sitting here in the UK at the start of winter freezing your nuts off!.

    Thanks for the history and warming me up.

  26. Warren not a waste if time at all – its great to know there are places out there in this highly populated world – a terrific venue and thanks for showing us!

  27. Warren – the research that has gone into this particular video focusing on the Thong and its likely origins and alternate meanings is astounding. Your perseverance in locating and including detailed analytical material is second to none. If there was an award – you would be the deserved winner. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us all – we are all the better for it. I will be watching this again to ensure all relevant details are accounted for. The beach was nice. LOL Cheers GL & HH

  28. Great video ! I like to have came out of my chair ! LOL Maybe you should hunted at in water , but not too far, just right off the dry beach. Good luck on your next hunt ! Congrats on all your finds.