Metal Detecting “Casino Silver”.

We make our first visit for 2012 to the site of an early 20th Century Canecutter’s Social Club — widely known as an illegal “Casino”. The original building was built in the late 19th Century for the large numbers of migrant canecutters employed on the North Queensland canefields. It burnt down early on the morning of January 1st, 1928 — but was quickly rebuilt and continued to operate as “The Casino”. Some great finds on this short hunt, including a Silver Florin and a King George V Shilling. We hope you enjoy our outing in the Spring sunshine — with a bit of trainspotting thrown in! Happy Hunting everyone!


49 thoughts on “Metal Detecting “Casino Silver”.

  1. Thanks for watching our video – and yes, the plowed fields tend to be the best for finds, and then again once they have been re-worked, targets keep coming up! All the best mate and HH!

  2. Thanks for subscribing Warren … subbed you back my friend .
    Great video and real nice ’46 Florene, Excelleent 1915 Silver Shilling and One Cent Piece ….. Great hunt my friend, and good luck next time out there .
    BILL .

  3. Thanks for watching and commenting Yulelah, always appreciate your input mate – hope you are getting some hunts done. HH mate! Warren.

  4. Thanks for your great comment GFDigger – “coin balls” are not so common up here in the dry season, usually “dust balls” LOL. So was a bit of a thrill to get a Shilling like that! HH mate! Warren.

  5. Another great hunt NQ producing the ‘coin balls’ we love so much…. containing no less than a beautiful florin and shilling. My last ball, last week, contained a 1916 3p. and you’re right the shillings are hard to find (unless you are Iroc..!) An excellent spot you have there to be revisited. Cheers GF.

  6. Thanks for your comment LAdigger81, and by the way, love your LA Digger YouTube Avatar with the old Civil War artillery crew! HH mate!

  7. Thanks for your great comment Paleoman, the best part about that cane field, other than the finds and great hunting conditions, is that the North Coast Main Line runs right past it – so you get trains and detecting with each trip – doesn’t get much better LOL. HH mate!

  8. Thanks for your great comment Willo, it is always a thrill to find a ‘key date’, usually though they are in poor condition – fortunately not so for the 1915 Shilling! Good point about the crocs – no swimming in Lake Placid now – and yes, they can go a long way up the freshwater creeks and rivers, so the rule is stay out of the deep dark water! LOL. HH mate. Warren.

  9. Thanks for your great comment Marjane, that sugar cane field is fertilzed each year, and the bronze coins really suffer, but it never affects the silver, some of which can come out like new! Best wishes and HH!

  10. Thanks for your great comment Mars, yes quite a few of us are rail fans too! We will be back in that cane field in the next couple of weeks before the crop gets too high. Best wishes and HH! Warren.

  11. Thanks for your comment natebrindabella, you make a good point regarding silver, sure looks like a good investment, and all the pre-46 coins are .925 fine! HH mate.

  12. Now it’s summer time in Australia, lucky you !! great finds, those silvers are in a really good state !! And that one cent piece did it come out good ? I would think so, because unlike our fields this one seems protected from chemicals and pesticides …. Thanks for sharing, and HH !

  13. Great hunt with 2 very nice silvers. Congrats on your key date Schilling mate. That site seems to produce something good for you every time you visit. Pretty sweet scenery to boot. And thanks for giving us train fans a little teaser as well. HH

  14. Shot Warren, that old site is like a big piggy bank for you, congrats on the shilling and the honkin florin! That creek looked extremely inviting considering our average daytime temps! LOL Got a feelin with your persistence, your’e gonna find that trap door one day. GL and HH

  15. Two gorgeous silver coins from the casino site makes for a grand day’s hunting. It’s good to see that this site is still throwing up some goodies and is full of promise for the future too. Your railway line is longer than from Land’s End to John O’Groats here in the uk, we’re such a tiny The only casinos we’ve got are the banks 😉 so no point in hunting those with a MD, they’d likely be empty. A great and very enjoyable video. Cheers, Warren. GL & HH 😀

  16. This old field is still showing its hidden treasures. lovely Florin and in beautiful condition and a shilling. Bet there is a lot more hidden silver there. Great video as always mate. looking forward to your next. GL and HH mate.

  17. NQE,
    Well done on the big silvers mate, the 1915 shilling is a ripper. Great to see the cactus rating back in vogue fortunately it was only a 1c.

  18. Nice to see another of your videos Warren. Some really nice finds you had there, much better ones than I had today.
    All the best!!.

  19. Great hunt, Warren. Congrats on the beautiful silvers. No better place to hunt for coins than an old casino site! Always impressed with the research and history you provide. Good luck and HH!

  20. Fabulous day in the Cane Field NQ. Truly amazing finding the Florin and the Shilling. Finding anything is great – but to find our biggest pre-dec Silver – in a cane field is truly a great reward for the effort put in. Must make mention of the noticeable increase in quality movie editing. Nice going. New coin grading “Cactus” – what are the other gradings? Thanks for not showing the swim in the river. LOL. Surprised you didn’t use the pun “Sweet” at least once – being in the Cane Field. Cheers HH

  21. Brilliant video, again, mate, well done on the two silvers, great days detecting, nice to see you managed to sneak off with the pro pointer for the day, all the best, GL and HH, Ian.

  22. Great video as always they are full of good info great finds and fantastic views such fun to watch glad you had time with the pin pointer this time .lol HH and thanks again for sharing

  23. Nice hunt and vid. Who would ever know you would find coins in the middle of a sugar cane field. 2 silvers is a good day. Congrats on those. I believe i would visit there often. Gl and HH on your next.