WW2 Relics: Australian Army Hospital Site: “Victorian Silver”.

We make our 3rd visit to the site of an Australian Army Casualty Clearing Station (CCS) in Far North Queensland. Some great finds on this hunt including a 1943 “Lamps Electric No.1”, Rising Sun badges, “AUSTRALIA” shoulder flashes and more coins from the “Two-up Tent”. This is the third video in a series of hunts at this site. Thanks for watching and please take the time to visit our site www.nqexplorers.com. Happy Hunting everyone!


38 thoughts on “WW2 Relics: Australian Army Hospital Site: “Victorian Silver”.

  1. Thanks for watching and commenting – I have a few more expeditions to that site which I will upload in the coming weeks – Happy Hunting and keep up those great videos! Warren.

  2. Thanks for your comments Aussieguy, much appreciated – hadn’t occurred to us to start a group – there are some good forums on the net though. Worth thinking about if enough people in our area were interested – HH mate!

  3. Thanks for that great comment Rob, that “Lamps Electric No.1” was a real thrill to find, quite deep down in that sandy soil under an old palm – amazing how such a large object would be lost (perhaps discarded) – yes the original batteries and two rods still insitu – the top to the battery compartment and the lens/lamp assembly were the only missing pieces – I assume the on/off switch was on the lid. HH mate!

  4. Thanks once again for your great comment Uli, hope to see you out and about in that new Akubra in a video soon mate LOL. Stay warm and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  5. Great hunt NQ. I liked the lamp cos the batery carbon rod was stil in it. The Queen Victoria shilling a is an absolute stunner and the whole hunt left me breathless. Military badges, peennies, etc and you’ve got he whole place to yourself. I truly enjoyed your video.


  6. Hej Warren mate, another good video and lots of good finds. Greetings to the other boys too. And I’m ob ny way to the hat!
    Cold greetings to hot Australia from berlin.


  7. This was a combat hospital treating combat casualties, which was on the site for just a short time, anyone with TB would have been quickly sent south to the big repatriation hospitals. TB is transmitted by coughing and sneezing/direct contact – this is a pretty safe spot to relic hunt – snakes, wild pigs and crocodiles are a bigger threat LOL. HH mate!

  8. G’day Stuart, go and buy that detector mate, lots of room up here in FNQ for all of us LOL. Thanks for your great comment and Happy Hunting mate! Warren.

  9. Thanks for that great comment GFDigger, I tended to edit the live digs because it may test your patience after 10 minutes of “its in here somewhere” LOL. Definitely need that second ProPointer! HH mate!

  10. Mate ~ Every time I watch your videos, I tell self I have to get a decent metal detector and go look ~ But then you put yet another one and I say ~ Bugger ~ is there anywhere on the Tablelands & FNQ ‘he’ has not been yet ~ LOL
    Cheers Stuart SS

  11. What a fantastic site with so many coins and so much militaria NQ. Haven’t scored a hat badge myself yet, what a find. Nice long doco and watching the target being dug isn’t boring as your caption put it; it’s exciting as you don’t know what’s going to come out of the hole and we’re all waiting to see… Well done on another great production. Cheers GF

  12. Thanks for your great comment 1950cappie, this was a great site to hunt, and I have a further 3 hunts filmed at that location with quite a few more finds to come. Best wishes mate and HH!

  13. Very, very, very good one…
    You’re a lucky boy… A razor and coins to by a new blade… and you can shave by night, you have a N°1 light…
    I’m joking…

  14. This is my favorit so far. This being a place for saving lives and not the uniforms they usually cut off the patient, there should be many more treasures to find. Locating the dump will be quit interesting. Awesome video! HH

  15. Thanks for your great comment 88, it was a most enjoyable hunt and that Victorian Silver was a real surprise from a WW2 site! Best wishes mate and HH!

  16. Thanks for your great comment Max, very lucky on this hunt with those finds, amazing what was dropped there in just 10 months! HH mate. Warren.

  17. You out did yourself this hunt! So many great quality relics. And to think you had been there before and you raked up this time! Congrats, HH

  18. Great vid and hunt. Some fantastic relics coming up for you. Those two rising sun badges were magnificent to find in the one hunt, but to add multiple silver coinage and a host of pennies is just a top drawer day! Well documented and appreciate the knowledge about the place to go along with it! HH – Max.

  19. Sovereigns – are reasonably difficult to find (neither Colleen or I having done so), but quite a few have come to light this year, GemQ1 and Detrackozi at an old site in Victoria, 4 or 5 this year I think, but from what I remember they were all Imperial Sovereigns (minted in Australia, mostly). The Sydney Mint Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns were minted 1855-1870, had “AUSTRALIA” on the Reverse and a Young Victoria with a spray of golden wattle flowers in her hair! Would be quite a find!