Metal Detecting: Crusader’s Cross.

Mrs NQ returns to the hunt with this short episode filmed over two subsequent weekends. The “Find of the Day” Day 1 is a superb Australian Army senior officer’s tudor crown rank insignia. On our return visit we unearth an amazing piece of history from the Holy Land — a sterling silver “Crusader’s Cross”, brought back to Australia by an unknown digger of the 7th Infantry Division following the successful 1940/41 campaigns in Palestine, Lebanon-Syria and Tobruk, and lost in this remote location in the Australian bush in 1944. The Crusader’s or Jerusalem Cross, with four small crosses surrounding a large cross (with all the bars equidistant from the centre), was first used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom in Jerusalem, established when the Crusaders conquered the Holy City and the Holy Sepulchre in 1099. We hope you enjoy this short video and background historical information. Thanks for watching and subscribing — Happy Hunting!


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  1. hey warren, that spider is a Australian tarantula called Coremiocnemis tropix dwarf the smallest of our Aussie tarantulas, and very common up your way

  2. Thanks for that great comment GF, the Jerusalem Cross was a really special find as you point out, a treasured souvenir of the 7th Division’s times in the Middle East, many of which made it safely home, such as your silver eagle! Fortunately, this one has now been rescued from the bush! HH mate. Warren.

  3. Amazing stuff NQ….!!!! The Jerusalem cross was a magnificent find.. More amazingly was the 7th regiment that went to Tobruk featured in your video as my Grandad was somewhere amongst them..! My mother, his daughter watched your movie in amazment and I have a silver necklace featuring an eagle that he brought back from the middle east proving the point that soldiers must have come home with all sorts of souvenired items. Keep up the history programs. TV died when I discovered Youtube. GF

  4. man oh man u had yet another great spin.
    some really kewl tickets on this one. – that cross was nice.
    good luck on your next adventure

  5. LOL – Mustang has a new transmission and a new throttle control system – Just hit 100,000 miles a couple of weeks back. Yep – will be uploading videos – I know Dad is watching over me and Mom and we’re going to be hitting the beaches in January to give my Minelab Excalibur II a nice workout ;>) Best wishes back mate ;>)

  6. Hey John great to hear from you mate – hope the Mustang is still purring along LOL. Sorry to hear about your Dad mate – and will be great to have you back uploading videos. Best wishes to your family and Happy Hunting!

  7. Thanks for your comments Stuart – I have been to Rocky Creek once, around the old hospital slabs – that is just a park on public land but not a large area is now available. Trouble is, the ground is a red hot lava flow (or was 100,000 years ago!), and normal relic hunting VLFs really struggle in the hot ground – I used the Infinium Pulse Induction which detected it no troubles. The place covered 10s of acres originally, but mostly privately owned now. HH mate.

  8. Thanks for watching and commenting John, actually had a close call with a Taipan recently, story is in an upcoming video LOL. Yes you have to have your wits about you in some spots – but common sense will generally see you out of trouble. That Crusader’s Cross was a great find, and it came with some history too! HH mate. Warren.

  9. Hi there Warren. Really enjoy your videos and I’ve kept up with things during the past year where I couldn’t get out to hunt due to family duties – Dad passed away and been taking care of my mother. Just started metal detecting again and am finding the silver stuff once more ;>) Can’t wait for more history from Australia through your videos – take care of you and Mrs NQ! – Jon out in California…

  10. John ~ I too reside in the same region ~ and that little critter was I believe a Trap Door Spider ~ they ARE A VERY nasty character !!

    I watched a national geographic episode that claim that the far north of QLD is in FACT ~ the most concentrated region IN THE WORLD for venomous and dangerous creatures!
    From Salt water crocodiles, sharks, Stone fish, sea snakes, Box Jelly fish, & many snakes down to the cattle & Shell back ticks +++!

    But we love the FNQ !

  11. Hey Warren~ Nice score ~ on the two badges ~

    Do you have to request permission for Rocky Creek ? After all it is a public domain (??)
    Cheers Stuart SS

  12. Wow, you and Miss NQ did good for an hour and a half. A very Unusual looking cross, really nice find, well done!!. I heard that you have a lot of the worlds most dangerous snakes there, one being the taipan. Have you ever had any close calls with one.
    Thanks for your time, Warren.

  13. Brilliant vid Warren, another lot of great finds and a back story that peaks interest! Loved the Crusader’s cross. Nice silver relic! HH – Max.

  14. Thanks for your comment Rob, great to have you all up here for a detecting jamboree – load up the car and get going LOL. That mystery item remains a mystery, but it was the only one of its kind in the dump so was of some interest – Happy Hunting mate! Warren.

  15. Another good sortie NQ.
    One day you’ll have to invite all of us up there for a jamboree of detecting.
    Did you work out what the mystery item was? From first glance,I thought it was an oxy torch tip.


  16. Thanks for your comment Rich, yes I am sure that the soldier who lost that cross would have missed it, considering where he got it and what they had probably been through together! HH mate! Warren.

  17. G’day Warren, thanks for your time and effort in making your videos. I live and detect around Cairns and the Palmer River area. I use a Whites GMT for gold which is fantastic on very small pieces of gold. I am looking for a relic hunting machine that is also able to be used on gold. I saw your wife find a piece with an AT Pro and I have asked Santa for one. Do you rate them highly? Thanks again for your vids and I hope to see you in the field one day, Cheers, Rick.

    • G’day Rick,

      Thanks for watching and commenting on our videos mate. Yes I would highly recommend the AT Pro, or even the AT Gold for relic and gold hunting. The AT Pro is a fantastic “All Terrain” machine as the name says – you can hunt in the pouring rain (i.e. the wet season) or up to 3 metres in freshwater streams – the AT Gold runs at 18kHz (as opposed to the 15kHz on the AT Pro), so is even more sensitive to small gold. Colleen picked up that 2.4 grammer with the AT Pro no worries in quite mineralised soil, the DD coil is fantastic. I was using an Infinium and my brother in-law a GPX and everywhere we went, the AT Pro had no problem with the conditions. You can run it quite simply in Standard mode but it really shines in Pro mode with the variable tones, and the Target ID is great – and is consistent on Aussie Predecimal coins. You should push Santa hard for one LOL. Great to hear from another Cairns detectorist mate. Hope to see you around the ridges!

      Happy Hunting

      Warren and Colleen.

  18. Nice one, Warren! The hunt with yourself and Colleen turned out to be really good all round. The shoulder crown was a superb find, as was the silver cross. It’s great to see that the soldier who lost it back home made it out of north Africa, but he possibly cursed like mad when he discovered he’d lost it. Your search sites are great at delivering the goodies. Thanks for sharing your very enjoyable hunt. GL & HH 😀

  19. Thanks for that great comment Marjane1313, always look forward to your comments! That site is a great hunt site as there are a lot of good targets hidden in there – and no rubbish! HH mate!

  20. Thanks for watching Pete – spot on with that buckle ID as usual – would be exactly the right size for a Slouch Hat chinstrap! Thanks mate – HH! Colleen and Warren.

  21. Thanks for your comment Kirk, much appreciated mate, and we are always on the lookout for ‘wildlife’ like that Wolf Spider! HH mate!

  22. Thanks for your comment Paul, always appreciated – and we are always on the lookout for the ‘wildlife’ such as that Wolf Spider! Best wishes mate and HH!

  23. Thanks Magpie – yes that Cross I am regarding as one of my best finds this year – a personal item with a history we can piece together loosely! Hope you are out in the fields again soon mate. HH! Warren.

  24. Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment on our video Willo – always appreciate your input mate – and looking forward to Part II of your goldfield adventure! Happy Prospecting! Warren.

  25. Daz – maaaate – you appear now and then by surprise LOL. Thanks for the comment, trying to cut down on the 25 minute videos LOL. Hope you are doing some detecting down there – HH mate!

  26. Thanks for your comment GemQ, and you are right, would love to know of all the adventures that Crusader’s Cross had been through – hope the owner made it home from New Guinea after the war. HH mate!

  27. Thanks for your comment RRR, the history of the sites we hunt are always important to us, research is almost as much fun as the hunt! HH mate!

  28. Thanks for your great comment Rommelopa, and the ID on that .38 Webley round, probably from an officer’s service revolver. When the site dries out a bit, the sifter will get some more work in that rubbish dump. HH mate!

  29. Thanks for commenting Hugh, always appreciated your input mate – I regard that Crusader’s Cross as one of the best finds I have had this year, and it can be directly connected to the history of the 7th Division – best wishes and HH mate!

  30. G’day Dave, thanks for that great comment mate – much appreciated. Will PM you when I get that packaged posted! HH mate! Warren.