Goldfields Chinatown: Chinese Coins and Relics.

In the late 19th Century, large numbers of Chinese miners were present on the North Queensland Goldfields of Australia. In this video we set off in search of relics left behind in the ruins of ‘Chinatown’, and unearth Chinese cast Cash Coins dating back to the 17th Century and other personal relics left behind following the gold rush. On the way to the hunt we explore the unique Normanton to Croydon railway in the remote Gulf Savannah region of North Queensland, which was built to service the goldfield in the late 1880s. We hope you enjoy this outing in sweltering Aussie summer temperatures! Happy Hunting!


60 thoughts on “Goldfields Chinatown: Chinese Coins and Relics.

  1. I have seen a lot of metal detecting vids on YouTube, and yours are #1.. Thanks for going through the effort to make these vids.. Really enjoyed..

  2. G’day Wobblechopps, thanks for that great comment mate – we have been back to Chinatown and will upload a new video in the next week or so. All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  3. Thanks Seeradog, we have been back and found more coins in that spot, always on the lookout for the rectangular and knife and spade coins – none yet, but will keep trying LOL. HH mate!

  4. Wow .. Keep your eyes open for rectangular coins with square holes in them .. Very valuable .. Many different sizes from 1cm x1.5cm. Up to 8cm x 11cm .. Love your vids .. Thank you

  5. Thanks for watching the video – and yes it is amazing how history like that lies waiting all those years before being unearthed! Best wishes and HH!

  6. Thanks for your great comments Wroeter Rob, and you support during the year. Best wishes for 2013 and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  7. Happy New Year NQExplorers!
    I wish you both all the best for 2013.
    I am allready looking forward for the little documentaries you
    are going to upload in the new year.
    They are from an outstanding high quality mate.Very informative.
    All the best and happy hunting!
    Wroeter Rob(from Holland)

  8. Thanks for watching our video TooRusty – we have been back to that site and a new video will be up in the coming weeks. HH mate! Warren.

  9. Thanks for watching – none of these coins appear to have been “Chopmarked” – I have been back to the site since and found quite a few more coins, a couple of which have been “Chopped” – still researching those particular coins – and they will appear in an upcoming video. Best wishes and HH! Warren.

  10. Thanks for your great comment Pam, yes the Chinese coins are no so common, and so we were pleased with 6 in a single trip! Best wishes and HH! Warren.

  11. I’m really looking forward to your new years videos, Warren, so in the meantime I wish you and Colleen a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2013. Rich 😀

  12. Another great doco Warren with much the same goodies as found on the Vic
    goldfields. Chinese coins are a hard one to come by and I only have one of
    each so far. Really interesting slice of history you’ve put together in movie
    form once again in conditions that no doubt look hotter ‘n Texas.
    Great stuff once again, cheers Pam.

  13. Thanks for that great comment – always look forward to your input on the video! I have been back out there to Chinatown and found even more coins and relics, and that railway is a fascinating bit of history – essentially a 19th Century ‘Time Capsule’ LOL. I have filmed quite a bit around the terminus river port of Normanton and will cobble together something early in the new year. Best wishes mate and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  14. Hey, Warren! You’re getting really good at these documentary videos and this one is really exciting. Brilliant piece of good fortune finding so many of those beautiful Chinese coins, what a story they could tell and so old too. Amazing railway line, one that the surroundings didn’t change a lot with the miles passed by. Those early photos were a great touch since it’s nice to have them add some perspective to your story. Very enjoyable as always, cheers and GL & HH for your next trip 😀

  15. G’day Pete, actually finding the Chinese cash coins is one of our big thrills, as you yourself would know in the NQ goldfields – gives a real goldfields historic ‘feel’ when you find one! Still soaking the pocket watch to clean it – that clay is unbelievable, like concrete LOL. More coming from that site soon – best wishes mate and HH! Warren.

  16. Thanks for your great comment John, we always enjoy finding those Chinese cash coins, they are the oldest coins you are ever likely to find in Australia – best wishes mate and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  17. Thanks for your great comment Rommelopa, yes the 7 hour drive is the norm around here for the outback trips LOL, but the rewards are worth it – more coming from that site soon – best wishes and HH mate!

  18. Thanks for your great comment Exiled, you hit the nail on the head – the ‘coldie’ at home is always appreciated, and cleaning up the finds to see what is revealed is always a thrill too – best wishes mate and HH!

  19. Thanks for your great comment Dogahog, will be back out there in the coming weeks and putting up another Chinatown video. Best wishes mate and HH!

  20. Thanks for your great comment Ole, hope the winter isn’t too bad over there! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Warren & Colleen.

  21. Warren you just have to love those Cash Coins. What a great adventure that was and I was very disappointed when the video finished. I hope that old watch was silver but most of them were silver or gold wash. You just have to go back there Mate and let us know how you went. Great exciting video. Cheers, Pete

  22. The Chinese coins are beautiful. My mate found one of the small ones near a railway line, 1720. As usual I really enjoyed watching. Thanks for taking the time Warren.
    Good luck on your next hunt mate!!.

  23. 7 HOUR DRIVE!!!!,…..wel clearly worth the effort 🙂
    Chinese stuf is absolutely awesome!
    You should show this vid on elemetery school’s,makes it christal clear it’s worth doing your home work!

  24. Good on you Warren – good old research pays dividends as always. Bet you enjoyed that coldie back home while cleaning up the coins! Cheers ~Oz

  25. My gosh that was a fascinating trip, I’d love to find an old bottle from those days and those coins and buttons they were fantastic. Gotta love those sun bakers. Mate a big rap on the movies some great work has gone into them. Thanks for your efforts for our viewing pleasure

  26. Great video warren, Congratulations on your Chinese coins they are beautiful great place you’ve found I hope you find more there. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  27. Thanks for watching and commenting Ozatwar. The camera is a Panasonic Lumix FT10 – which is a ‘ruggedized’ drop-proof, waterproof, dust-proof jobbie. It makes great HD video clips, and we are only using the camera’s internal microphone, so you have to be careful not to get too far from the camera or the audio suffers. Our videos are edited in Apple iMovie. Best wishes mate and HH! Warren.

  28. Thanks for your comment Magpie, those Chinese coins are the oldest coins we are likely to find in Australia, so they are quite a thrill to unearth! Going back soon and hope to find some more interesting historic relics there. HH mate! Warren.

  29. Willo, thanks for your great comment – as I commented in the video, the old Chinese coins give a real goldfields historical ‘feel’ when you find them, always a thrill to see them pop up! And your are of course right – the oldest coins we will find on Australian soil, amazing how well the cast coins do actually present after so long – going back soon in the hope of unearthing more Chinese coins. HH mate! Warren.

  30. Thanks for that great comment Maxwell8tre, always appreciated mate – and the shot of the coins on the hat was a last-minute idea – we don’t usually to a round-up, so the hat shot was a kind of round-up. Best wishes mate and HH! Warren.

  31. Thanks for watching GemQ, in light of your comment, I will boil up the billy on the next trip out there, as you say, when it is the wrong side of 40, another few degrees from a boiling cup of tea can hardly make any difference LOL. HH mate! Warren.

  32. Hi Guys, Just watched the latest video. Thanks again for posting such excellent videos. I had a heart attack while detecting a conservation area here in Canada, so I had to put away the detecter for the winter, but I’ll be back at it in the spring. I look forward to your next video. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you folks, “Down Under”.

    • Al,

      Thanks for your great comment mate, look forward to hearing from you about your great finds in the Spring, stay warm up there in the “Far North”! Best wishes to you and your family – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Warren.