34 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Goldfields Chinatown 2: Chinese Coins and Relics: Garrett GTI-2500.

  1. I enjoy your videos lots of info, once I got past the accent. All the different artifacts you find are cool. It’s different in New England.

  2. That is so amazing! To be in one place and find so many coins and relics must be a BLAST!!! I am very impressed with your knowledge of the area as well. So, often, the people that dig have no idea as to what they are pulling up. A real shame.
    I wish y’all all best on your future hunts!
    Good luck from Louisiana.

  3. Thanks for your comment – and yes, some of these places take a bit of research and footwork to find – but are often worth the effort! All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  4. wow, that’s a good spot you got there! i have seen some of your other videos and i guess you are looking up quite a lot of history to find these places. HH! 🙂

  5. Thanks for watching Bottledigger, a lot of research is done on line and old books from the local library are a great help in locating abandoned coach stops or towns. Often the library will hold limited run historical books written by locals which can give some great information. All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  6. Thanks for your great comment Yulelah, that giant lizard was a Goanna, they are meat eaters and have large teeth, but are relatively docile and not to concerned about humans, usually they just get out of the way. That big fella was taking too long to cross the road, so I hurried him up in case the next road train cleaned him up. Hope you have a new video up soon mate – all the very best and HH! Warren.

  7. Excellent video and hunt ! Congrats on the old silver coin, old coins, and buttons ! Good luck on your next hunt ! I really like this video ! NQ what was that Giant lizard ?

  8. Thanks for your comment Mars, I have a lot more footage of the railway I took (some wind noise unfortunately) and have been tossing up whether to upload just a ‘railway’ video – working on the footage to see if I can reduce the wind noise. All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  9. Thanks for watching Rich, we are looking forward to getting out there at Easter (around a 6 to 7 hour drive from home – but worth it!) Sure to be more Chinese coins and relics lying hidden for Colleen – all the best mate and HH! Warren.

  10. Thanks for commenting Willo – 20 is certainly the most Chinese coins I have ever found in a hunt – in fact I found more in a day than I had in all the years I have been detecting! All the best mate HH! Warren.

  11. What an amazing place to hunt! The finds are so old with such unique history and the setting is, well, Australia. Thanks for showing us more of that wonderful little rail line. Totally fascinating. HH

  12. Another exciting video with its extra bits of railway relics and the scenery that goes on forever. Well done on locating so many Chinese coins on this trip, a real cash crop you might say. Lol. I don’t think that you’re likely to find everything before Colleen joins you on the Easter trip up that way again, I bet you missed loads of them yourself. Nice bit of silver too. Very enjoyable video, cheers! GL & HH 😀

  13. HI Warren great video as we always get plenty coins mate and great tanner, vicky 1895 best regards to you and mrs explorer..scorpio HHNT.

  14. Thanks for watching and comment Jon, great to have you back on the MD video scene mate. All the best to you and your family and HH! Warren.

  15. thank you and i am shure to get a garrett 350 i like your videos alot and i look forward to us haveing a metaldetecting relashinship

  16. Great video Warren ;>) I’m back detecting and just posted my first video in a year… A big thanks to you mate for your kind words and support ;>) God Bless…

  17. G’day mate, cant go past the AT Pro for a top all-rounder, it will serve you for years with its advanced features, but starting out is as simple as turn on and go. Plenty of accessory coils available too, depending on what type of detecting you are doing. Hope this helps – HH! Warren.

  18. for a good all round metal detector for a first timer(coins,gold and relics) what metal detector would you recommend? i heard xtrerra705 and garret ATpro would be a good choice.

  19. Thanks for watching Clyntonshed – relics, coins and bottles all tend to come in ‘patches’! All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  20. Thanks for your great comment Pete, we are looking forward to getting out there and finding some more Chinese relics and coins – has to be more there! All the best mate and HH. Warren.

  21. Ian, 17 Chinese Cash coins would have to be a record Mate. Well done. Love your videos and I hope you and Mrs NQ find heaps at Easter. All the best, Pete.

  22. G’day Ringo – didn’t realise you were E Trac LOL. Well the Chinese coins are generally only worth a few dollars as far as I can determine – so you have to dig 20 or so in a hunt to be worth it LOL. All the best on the Thames mate and HH! Warren.