36 thoughts on “Metal Detecting 1890s Ghost Town Relics: Garrett AT Gold.

  1. So…..was there a REASON you didn’t want to introduce us to your female detecting partner…..hmmmmm! (lol)

    Nice hunt!

  2. Another ripper, always looking forward to your next vid.
    Clock parts and harmonica reeds mate, glad it’s not just me. 🙂

  3. Thanks Bill – that old town is one of our favourite spots to visit – always nice and quiet and very scenic. Happy Hunting mate! Warren.

  4. Another great one! Loved seeing the old mine, etc., & all the relics from that era. Nice ride too…..keep the great vids coming mate 😉

  5. Thanks for watching and commenting Ottoman, and a great idea in searching the creek – the end of the ‘dry’ would be the best time as the water level would be much lower! HH mate! Warren.

  6. I would search the water in the creek if they were swimming there, more than likely it was never water detected before plus you should find some complete old bottles in the water.

  7. Thanks for your great comment Warren, much appreciated mate – and best of luck with the new detectors, your long years of experience will ensure that you will do well! Happy Prospecting! Warren.

  8. Thanks for watching and commenting Ausprospecting – the Sniper is a great idea – we will be taking the AT Gold and the Infinium to the goldfields next month – really impressed with the sensitivity of the AT Gold on very fine and low conductive targets – should be great in the goldfields! Happy Prospecting mate. Warren.

  9. Gotta love the AT Gold, really good do it all machine, Think about picking up a 4.5″ Sniper coil for it.. its amazing the difference it makes on the tiny gold!

  10. hey bud it is me again i know you are all popular now with everybody but remember you still have to talk to your friends and thanks to subscribing to my channel i would like to keep in touch with you. I am turning 15 in three days I am wondering if you have any metal detectors that you are giving away if you can make a personal video for me that would be extreamly kind of you and by the way my name is Steven But i go by Corbin.

  11. Thanks for taking the time to film your trips, am slowly working my way through them. I’m at the bottom of the mainland and have been chasing and photographing gold mines and old gold mining equiptment for years and years ( read 30 ), my new partner has introduced metal detectors to the hunt and it adds a new fun dimension. Your videos are speeding up my learning process. Thank you.

  12. Thanks for your great comment 4Rosea, always appreciate your input mate – all the very best and Happy Hunting! Warren.

  13. Great Video as usual.Always a pleasure to watch and gain real knowledge of the real Australia.Many thanks for posting and HH.

  14. Good Video NQExploers, looking forward for more of your detecting videos! Thanks for taking the time to record your hunts!HH

  15. Hello HQ Explorers
    Once again, “a good one” as you use to say.
    Very nice journey in the past and in the exploration.
    For the frog I’m I, it’s a peace of dream and evasion…. Really thanks!
    See you in the next one.

  16. Thanks Jon, actually Colleen thought the same thing about the frog, so we went back a week later and dug up the soil in the spot where I found it, I have been drying it out and will sieve it to see if there are a couple of carats of diamonds for eyes LOL. Good luck on the weekend mate. All the best. Warren.

  17. Very cool hunt Warren – Looks like you like your new AT gold there my friend ;>) Loved the frog – wondered if the little eyes were in the dirt from right there where you found it. I’m going out hunting this weekend and will pop a video up myself of some ghost towns in my own area here. HH to you and the Mrs ;>)

  18. Thanks for your great comment Kevin, look forward to seeing you out with you AT Pro on your next video. All the very best mate and HH! Warren.

  19. Great video NQExplorers!!!! I detect here in Tennessee , USA but oh how I found myself wanting to join you guys for a hunt and fellowship!!!! I’ll be busy today watching some more of your vids. Thanks for making them. I have had the Garrett AT Pro with 5×8 coil and it is a wonderful coil for pulling nonferrous items from among the iron nails and stuff. Your AT Gold looks like an AWESOME machine!!!

  20. Thanks for your great comment Max – always have a cup of tea before, during, and after the hunt! LOL. Appreciate you watching mate – all the best and HH! Warren.

  21. G’day Rich, and thanks for your great comment on our video mate. That decorative piece at the end, possibly a cross part as you suggest – remains a mystery, although it is a high quality casting – as you would know, much of the Victorian finds are pressed tin and much less substantial. We did come across some native tin ore specimens in the town area – on reflection should had filmed that LOL. All the best mate and HH! Warren.

  22. you two had a great spin at this tin town – i deserves another go. nice looking area to hunt also – would that water be drinkable as it flows ? – spot of tea – now that is really kewl – i like it
    good luck on youe next adventure.

  23. Another awesome video from NQExplorers and the tin mining history was brought to life in this wonderfully scenic area. You both discovered some pretty exciting relics, especially the 1908 penny, silver frog and that amazing stirrup iron. That decorated piece looked like the top section of a cross, but probably isn’t. Did you discover any tin mineral specimens while you were there? A most enjoyable video, so my thanks for sharing it. Until next time GH & HH Take care. Regards, Rich 😀

  24. Hi, I’ve been watching your videos for the past few months – great stuff!
    Did you know that you and you alone, are responsible for my interest in detecting…..so much so that I’ve gone out & bought myself a Garrett Euro Ace….will be out here in the UK once the weather improves somewhat. All the best!

    • G’day Gary, thanks for your kind words mate – and all the best with the new Euro Ace – top machine. Hope to see some great finds from you over there mate. Best wishes and Happy Hunting! Warren.