New Garrett ATX – All Terrain Extreme Pulse Induction.

ATX logogarrettmirrorWe were privileged to be involved with the Garrett team field testing the new ATX Pulse Induction metal detector in Australia.

This is a fantastic new piece of kit – built to military specifications (note that it is not the AML-1000, it just utilises the same casing).  It has been tested and tuned  in Australia by the Garrett Engineers, with particular attention to smooth performance in highly mineralized Aussie soils that we typically encounter in our goldfields.

The unique new design of the stock DD provides a really sensitive ‘hot spot’ on the coil for detecting very small gold. All in all a very rugged, quality build that will be great in our goldfields – particularly with the larger 20″ monoloop coil which can cover a lot of ground when prospecting. The unit is well-balanced even with the big coil – it comes with a bungee sling so is very easy to swing.
The ATX is fully waterproof so keep detecting when it is raining – and economical to operate with the 8 AA batteries. It has a built-in speaker or you can use the headphones if you so desire. There will be more videos of the ATX coming soon with further details.

Happy Prospecting Everyone!

Warren and Colleen.

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