Metal Detecting Reconnaissance: WW2 Army Camp: Garrett AT Pro

Not all metal detecting outings come up with the ‘goodies’ — this video presents a day out in the Australian bush searching for a WW2 campsite. Our research had lead us to a rugged mountainous area where we hoped to be the ‘first in’. The day didn’t turn out that way so we fell back to one of our old favourite sites in the hope of saving the day with a few nice relics. Thanks for watching and subscribing!


2 thoughts on “Metal Detecting Reconnaissance: WW2 Army Camp: Garrett AT Pro

  1. Geez, you make it look easy Warren. Been watching your vids for a while now and have been enjoying every one of them ! Im new to the caper and Im yet to find my first pre decimal. My detector is calibrated for bottle caps and ring pulls only. It seems like that anyway ! Still enjoying it though, and learning more each outing. Keep the videos coming.
    Hey, how about filming a ring pull and bottle cap special ?

    • Thanks for your great comment Brett – and thanks for watching our videos, welcome to the hobby! Look forward to hearing about you unearthing your first pre-decimal, then your first Florin – that is always a real thrill! We get old bottle caps, but as we usually hunt in old WW2 camps or ghost towns – we rarely dig ring-pulls! Tried a few parks but it drove me mad LOL. Keep digging mate and Happy Fossicking! Warren.