Metal Detecting Abandoned Coal Mining Town: Garrett AT Pro.

We return to the abandoned coal town of Mt Mulligan in Far North Queensland for a family outing. It has been over 12 months since we have visited one of our favourite locations. After a brief training session, NQ style, family members armed with no less than 6 Garrett detectors (2 x AT Pros, an AT Gold, 2 x ACE 250s and an ACE 150) join us for a great day out to a very historic location in the remote Australian bush. Colleen’s sister Barbara digs her very first coin — a .925 Threepence, her husband Rob goes on to unearth a 1925 Shilling, Louie picks up a beautiful 1939 Shilling and a 1916 Shilling also comes to light. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.