Metal Detecting 1920s “Illegal Casino”. Garrett AT Pro.

We make another visit to the site of an early 20th Century Canecutter’s Social Club – widely known as an illegal “Casino”. The original building was constructed in the late 19th Century for the large numbers of migrant canecutters employed on the North Queensland canefields. During one wild New Year’s bash it burnt down early on the morning of January 1st, 1928 – but was quickly rebuilt and continued to operate as “The Casino”! Happy Hunting everyone! Colleen & Warren



3 thoughts on “Metal Detecting 1920s “Illegal Casino”. Garrett AT Pro.

  1. David,
    Apologies for tardy reply! I have been out in the Gulf for the last week (work). Yes the 1943s tend to proliferate in the Pennies too – I have a bucket of them dug from a single WW2 site on the Cape – nothing but 1943 Pennies LOL. Great news on your ATX outings, you have certainly mastered the machine and it must have been very satisfying to pull that .17 grammer! Well done on the 7 grammer – it appears that “all ground is new again” really does apply to the ATX! Unfortunately ours is not getting any use – we are sitting out the ‘wet’ season and there is no access to any of the goldfields up here. A big ‘wet’ is needed out west but for prospectors, this means long, impenetrable grass for most of the year too until there is a fire or it dies off! It is never perfect LOL. Planning a trip to the Palmer River with the ATX at the end of the ‘wet’ so we hope to make some good finds up there. Look forward to hearing of your continued success over the cooler months mate.

    Best wishes