Garrett ATX: Aussie Gold!

ATX – Aussie Gold! Lovely 0.9 gram nugget from hot ironstone/quartz rubble. Detected with the stock DD coil. Video coming soon! Warren.



2 thoughts on “Garrett ATX: Aussie Gold!

  1. Would love it if you gave a indication of the areas you were at.Give me at least a starting point. I visit Cairns about twice a year but really have no idea where to start detecting. I think I an now going to go out and get a Garrett.

    • G’day Pat,

      Next time you are planning a trip up our way, drop us a line and we can give you some suggestions of where to go. This year is going to be a tough one on gold up here as the cyclones and the long wet have caused rampant grass growth, so some areas won’t even be ‘detectable’ until the end of the dry or if there are any grassfires. Happy Prospecting mate! Warren.