ATX Relic Hunting.

WW2 Australian Military Forces tunic button dug at over 9″ with the ATX fitted with the 8″ monoloop coil. This small coil achieves excellent depth and is very sensitive to small targets – the proportional audio is a great feature of the ATX and gives a very good indication of target depth.


We are back on the air!

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Colleen and Warren.


WW2 R.A.A.F. Repair & Salvage Unit + EW Radar Station.

Not a lot of metal detecting in this video — more ‘NQ Exploring’ than anything else. Please join us as we investigate the remains of an interesting historical site – ruins of a WW2 Repair and Salvage Unit at a Royal Australian Air Force forward operational base. The base was well within range of Japanese air strikes and operational sorties to New Guinea were conducted from this location. Consequently, battle-damaged aircraft were repaired here and we discover some flak-damaged panels in the bush. A few days later we travel some 30km west to the site of an R.A.A.F. “Chain Overseas Low” Early Warning Radar Unit. The abandoned radar tower still stands to this day. Not shown on the video are two .50 calibre AA gun pits on the seaward side of the tower. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.


WW2 Relic Hunt: Australian Army Tent Encampment Area: Garrett AT Pro AT Gold.

Join with us on an outing to a 1943/44 tent encampment area of the Australian Army’s 7th Infantry Division. We hope you also enjoy our inclusion of some historic U.S. Army training film footage from the 1950’s, where the combat-hardened Platoon Sergeant reflects on his time in WW2 New Guinea alongside the Aussies. Happy Fossicking everyone! Colleen and Warren.