Gemboree 2015 – Horsham, Victoria.

If you are in Horsham, Victoria, over the Easter long weekend, we will be at the Gemboree 2015 with Garrett Australia & Cordell Kent from The Mining Exchange Gold Shop, Ballarat. Drop by and say g’day and share a few of your bush adventures and stories with us. We will be happy to demonstrate any of the range of Garrett Metal Detectors. See you there! Warren.


Metal Detecting WW2 Australian Army 2/21st Camp: Garrett AT Pro International.

We return to one of our favourite sites where we battle the usual long grass but still manage to turn up some nice WW2 relics, including a ‘Rising Sun’ General Service Badge, an ‘AUSTRALIA’ shoulder flash, and a small dump of medical bottles, along with the usual webbing items and live .303 rounds. We hope you enjoy this outing in relatively tough detecting conditions. Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


The Civil War Collection of Charlie Harris.

During the NQ Explorers/Garrett Australia visit to the U.S. in November, Steve Moore, Reece Muru and I were privileged to visit the incredible private collection of Mr Charlie Harris in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Charlie has been a Civil War relic hunter for over 45 years and his outstanding collection has been meticulously researched and beautifully displayed. Please enjoy a look around the museum, as Charlie tells the stories of his many and varied relics, and shares with us his life-long love of history and relic hunting. A big thank you to Steve Moore (Garrett) for organizing the visit, and to Reece Muru (Garrett Australia) for his great camera work. Happy Fossicking! Warren & Colleen.


Metal Detecting the “Illegal Casino” – The Return: Garrett AT Pro International.

Following the cane harvest in Far North Queensland, we make our annual return to the site of an 1880s Canecutter’s Social Club (the ‘Illegal Casino). Hot, tropical conditions made for tough going but we manage to pull some more coins and relics from a site that has continued to produce for many years now. Colleen tops the board with a nice 1917 Florin, and her brothers Roy and Louie are also along with their Garrett ACE 250s making some great finds. A top day was had by all and we even managed a bit of trainspotting. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching. Colleen and Warren.


Garrett Pro-Pointer AT.

The new Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is much more sensitive than the original Pro-Pointer. Shown is a 0.15 gram nugget which the new detector easily isolated in ‘maximum’ sensitivity mode. The Pro-Pointer AT has a real ‘sweet spot’ on the shaft approximately 1-2cm from the tip (where the nugget is resting), ideal for sifting through excavated soil in a ‘sweeping’ motion to recover those tiny sub-grammers.

The 'sweet' spot' on the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT with a 0.15 gram nugget.

The ‘sweet’ spot’ on the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT with a 0.15 gram nugget.