‘Gold Leaf’ Nugget with the Garrett ATX.

A short video illustrating our latest nugget find with the Garrett ATX, a lovely folded ‘gold leaf’ nugget (the ‘Baby Eagle’), although quite a respectable size it weighed in at a modest 1.85gm due to its very flat and thin, folded leaf gold configuration. The nugget was unearthed on a creek bank bordering a highly mineralized zone comprising ironstone and quartz rubble. Of interest was the fact that there were no ‘old timers’ workings anywhere near the find, so the area warrants more attention. Due to the ancient geology of the area, many of the quartz reefs themselves are long gone, leaving just mineralized rubble and the occasional gold nugget. We have added some scenery from the goldfield to put the find in context. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Colleen and Warren.


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