Metal Detecting NSW : A 3,500km Road Trip Adventure: Garrett AT Pro International.

Join with us on a 3,500km (2,700 mile) road trip through beautiful New South Wales. On the way we visit a number of historic sites, and squeeze in a few hours metal detecting here and there. We visit a number of abandoned railway lines and stations as we pass through rural areas on the Western Slopes and Southern Highlands. There is also a lot of in-car ‘dash cam’ so hang on for the ride!

Note: This video was shot with both a GoPro Hero 3 & a Panasonic Lumix FT-6. All video is 1080HD, the GoPro footage has not be adjusted to match the frame so the image will only be ‘full frame’ for the Lumix footage.

Thanks for watching! Colleen and Warren.


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