Metal Detecting “GREEN ANT RIDGE”: Part 3 of 3: Garrett AT Pro International.

We round out the Centenary of ANZAC Year (1915-2015) with a three-part relic hunt focusing on North Queensland WW2 camp areas. Battling ferocious Green Ants, Colleen makes her debut behind the camera on the backup Lumix FT-10 and we are joined by veteran detectorist George from the NQ Miner’s Den. The day uncovers some King George V and VI coins, ‘AUSTRALIA’ shoulder flashes and WW2 webbing brass. Also uncovered is an Australian Army Identity Disc which we will attempt to return to the Digger’s family. These hunts are presented ‘as is’ – with the scrap targets included, to illustrate that metal detecting isn’t all about the great finds but rather the privilege to walk in the footsteps of the Diggers that went before us. Thanks for watching! Colleen and Warren (and George).