Metal Detecting 1860s Mansion Ruins: Garrett AT Max.

This is our first trip to the site of a large property first established in 1860. No evidence of the former two-storey mansion now exists, but we manage to turn up some great Victoriana and a few surprises along the way. Spoiler: The small coin Colleen finds near the end of the video, is a Phillipines coin from the 1970s (not in the video subtitles so our apologies for that). You never know what may turn up in the middle of nowhere! We will return to the site for a second instalment soon. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Colleen and Warren.


One thought on “Metal Detecting 1860s Mansion Ruins: Garrett AT Max.

  1. Hi Warren & Colleen, l really enjoy your videos on YouTube. Although lm relatively new to detecting ( nearly a year at it ) l seem to have found a hot spot as my first patch, less than 500mtrs from my house in Bendigo. It’s not a large area but lve continued to go over it relentlessly and have found quite a lot of military related relics. As well as 60 pre decimal coins, 40+ spoons, buckles & Harmonica reeds, yes, more than 40 of each!
    I also uncovered a bottle pit that yielded over 1000 bottles, 1910 -1940.
    I’ve found a number of war medals, boer war 1899, 1914/15 star etc.
    It would be nice to share photos of my finds and maybe find out if the site l have been detecting was military based at some point in time? Found loads of spent 303 rounds and quite a few webbing buckles. Cheers!