Gold, Silver & Rusty Objects: Australian Metal Detecting Review 2018.

We had a lot of great adventures in 2018 and appreciate all the views and comments we have had on our videos. We have a lot more adventures planned for 2019 but first please join us as we look back on the year past in this short video. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren & Colleen, Queensland, Australia.

“Kiss the Dirt” by INXS.


Metal Detecting: Cricket Buckle!

In Part 2 of our (possibly 3 part) series ‘Rust and Dust’, we return to the site of an 1860s goldfields prospecting camp, and Colleen immediately comes up with a pristine Cricket Buckle, lost by a gold miner long ago. We then go on to explore further afield for more lost relics of that historic time. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.


Metal Detecting: “Rust & Dust”: Garrett AT Max International.

Join with us in the first of a two-part ‘raw detecting’ sortie to an 1870s goldfields camp. We present this day ‘as it happened’ with plenty of live digs and rough edges – not every trip produces sensational finds. However, in part two the site does gives up some great secrets – please stay tuned! Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.