WW2 Relic Hunting: Abandoned Airfield: NEL ‘Attack’ Coil Review.

This video is a multi-day sortie with various Garrett detectors to the remnant site of an R.A.A.F. staging strip, the first half with AT Max and a small 5 x 8″ DD coil, then we return a few days later with an AT Pro International and a 15″ NEL DD ‘Attack’ coil to evaluate the NEL’s performance in difficult (and extremely hot) conditions. Some great finds come to light with both machines on the two days. At some point we will have Colleen on the site – rest assured she returns in our next video! Happy Fossicking to you all! Colleen and Warren. www.garrettaustralia.com.au www.outdoortactical.com.au www.nqexplorers.com #metaldetecting #relichunting #ww2 #4wd #garrett


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