Goldfields Chinese Relics! Metal Detecting 17th Century Chinese Coins.

Join with Colleen and Warren as we detect a 1870s Chinese Goldfields Camp along with Beau Ouimette (Aquachigger) and George Mayer and unearth some great historic coins and gold rush history. Please take the time to watch Beau’s video on this site at

Happy Fossicking! Colleen, Warren, Beau and George.


Mega Long Metal Detecting WW2 Relic Adventure.

Metal detecting a World War Two Australian Army camp deep in the bush. Colleen, Warren and I find some really great relics and coins plus I explore the terrain around the Army camp. There is a massive chimney and hearth left over from those war years of long ago. Colleen finds a FANTASTIC digger’s tag (the same as an American dog-tag). Plus we all find really awesome relics in this very dry and parched land. Special thanks to Garrett USA, Garrett Australia and NQ Explorers for making this super fun trip possible.


Half an Ounce of Gold! Detecting and Highbanking the Golden Spur.

Join with us as we venture to the Golden Spur Mining Lease with Colleen, Warren of NQ Explorers, Beau (Aquachigger) Ouimette and Ben O’Reilly for a couple of days detecting and highbanking. This is our first stop on Beau’s Tour Down Under 2019, with lots more adventures ahead!

In this video we recover just over half an ounce (16 grams) of gold by detector, highbanker and pan. Detectors in use are the Garrett ATX and AT Max.

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Return to the Lost Valley: Cellar Silver!

Yes here it is – we make a return to the Lost Valley in what is now part 7 of a 6 part series! And be warned Part 8 is on the way. On this occasion some nice silver from the hotel cellar and Ross scores his first Victorian Shilling! Colleen scores some nice silver too and along the way we learn how to ‘rebark’ a pick just like the ‘Old Timers’ would have done. We hope you enjoy this continuing adventure back in time, please feel free to comment and subscribe! Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.