Garrett APEX: Beach – Bush -Goldfields.

In this video we test drive the all-new Garrett Mutli-Frequency, Multi-Salt APEX metal detector, overlanding more than 500km in three days from the salt water beaches of the Gold Coast to the highly mineralised goldfields of Queensland, Australia. The new machine proves to have outstanding salt water detection qualities (Multi-Salt mode) making it a superb beach machine, while Multi-Frequency hits big deep silver and 20kHz delivers on our small gold nugget in highly mineralised soil. At almost 40 minutes this video is a lot to take in so you may need salty snacks and some kind of refreshing beverage to get you through it. Short cuts to each part of the video: Beach: 0.00 Bush: 15:41 Goldfields: 33:02 Thanks for watching and subscribing and Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen.


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