Prospecting for Gold in Arizona: Garrett AT Max.

In Part 1 of our trip to Arizona, USA, we head up to Glow Wash and prospect for gold nuggets with a great group of experienced prospectors. On the way we check out the ruins of the Anderson Mill, and the Underwood Ranch. A big thank you to Steve Moore for organising a great day out. In the upcoming Part 2, we will head to even higher elevations in search of gold rush relics in an 1890s ghost town. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Colleen and Warren.


Metal Detecting 1860s Mansion Ruins: Garrett AT Max.

This is our first trip to the site of a large property first established in 1860. No evidence of the former two-storey mansion now exists, but we manage to turn up some great Victoriana and a few surprises along the way. Spoiler: The small coin Colleen finds near the end of the video, is a Phillipines coin from the 1970s (not in the video subtitles so our apologies for that). You never know what may turn up in the middle of nowhere! We will return to the site for a second instalment soon. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Colleen and Warren.


Convicts, Gold and Silver! Metal Detecting in Australia 2017.

This collection of finds features recoveries that were not included in our main adventure videos, a kind of ‘Director’s Cut’ from 2017 edits. We travel from Queensland to Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia in search of coins, relics and gold in this final video of 2017. Look for (or hear for) cameo appearances by Greckie of CWPS, Jacob from Digging Australia, and Ben from Gold Diggers. We would like to thank all our subscribers for their support and look forward to some more great finds in 2018! All the best and Happy Fossicking from Colleen and Warren!


Adventure Trek – ‘The Ghan’ Outback Railway.

This is the second instalment in our special ‘Adventure Trek’ series of videos. On this trip we travel up the remote Oodnadatta Track, following the path of the original Afghan Cameleers and the narrow gauge (3’6″) Central Australian Railway (CAR), to Alice Springs. Along the way we explore ruins and search for historic relics. When then journey on the new “Ghan” all the way to Darwin, thus crossing the Continent of Australia from South to North. We hope you enjoy this outback adventure! Happy Fossicking!

Desert City by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


Garrett AT Max International Advanced Tips – ‘Side Balancing’.

AT Max Advanced Features – 'Side Balancing'.

The first in a series of Advanced Tips on using the features of the Garrett AT Max International, whether in a prospecting scenario in the bush, or on the salt water beaches.

Posted by NQ Explorers on Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Prospecting for Alluvial Gold Part 2: Nugget Patch!

Join with Warren, Ben and Colleen following up on the first part in our Prospecting for Alluvial Gold series. In this instalment we put the theories into practice first with the gold pan, and then the metal detector. Some nice colours of gold in the pan are followed by a nice nugget patch with a number of very nice sub-gram nuggets. The patch produced 29 nuggets in total. Happy Fossicking! Warren, Colleen and Ben.


Prospecting for Alluvial Gold – Part 1.

Join with Warren and Ben for a New Chum’s guide to panning and crevicing for alluvial gold. Basic principles of gold deposition are covered, along with ‘where to dig’ for fine gold and nuggets along creeklines. In part 2 we move on to the gold pan to recover some fine gold, and metal detectors to recover gold nuggets. Thanks for watching and subscribing!