Garrett AT Max International Advanced Tips – ‘Side Balancing’.

AT Max Advanced Features – 'Side Balancing'.

The first in a series of Advanced Tips on using the features of the Garrett AT Max International, whether in a prospecting scenario in the bush, or on the salt water beaches.

Posted by NQ Explorers on Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Prospecting for Alluvial Gold Part 2: Nugget Patch!

Join with Warren, Ben and Colleen following up on the first part in our Prospecting for Alluvial Gold series. In this instalment we put the theories into practice first with the gold pan, and then the metal detector. Some nice colours of gold in the pan are followed by a nice nugget patch with a number of very nice sub-gram nuggets. The patch produced 29 nuggets in total. Happy Fossicking! Warren, Colleen and Ben.


Prospecting for Alluvial Gold – Part 1.

Join with Warren and Ben for a New Chum’s guide to panning and crevicing for alluvial gold. Basic principles of gold deposition are covered, along with ‘where to dig’ for fine gold and nuggets along creeklines. In part 2 we move on to the gold pan to recover some fine gold, and metal detectors to recover gold nuggets. Thanks for watching and subscribing!


Garrett AT Max: Australian Gold Nuggets!

Join with Warren, Greckie and Phil on a 2,000km road trip to the NSW outback with the new Garrett AT Max International. Before heading off, we pick up some nice ‘micro-nuggets’ in the Central Victorian Goldfields using the optional 5 x 8″ DD searchcoil. Please note that ‘live’ digs are generally edited for brevity, and the gale force winds prevailing around Tibooburra at the time. Thanks for watching and subscribing and Happy Fossicking! Warren, Greckie and Phil.


Metal Detecting: A Victorian Surprise: Garrett AT Gold.

Another great day on the lake with Ed B, investigating a WW2 artillery camp, turns up a real surprise late in the day when Colleen uncovers a Victorian 1896 English Penny. Was this a WW2 drop or indication of much earlier use of the site? Other great finds include a collar ‘Rising Sun’ – and an Identity Disc belonging to a Western Australian Digger. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Colleen, Warren and Ed.


Boating & Detecting 4: “The Island”.

Join with us as we once more journey to “The Island” courtesy Ed B, (OIC Water Transport) and manage to pull yet more coins and WW2 relics from a very heavily detected spot – as General Macarthur stated: “Always Go Back” (or something to that effect). Coins and WW2 militaria abound with a number of ‘live’ digs ending better than anticipated. We hope you enjoy out day out on the lake. Happy Fossicking to you all! Warren and Ed.