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  1. Hi Mark and Colleen
    We love to go metal detecting and want to put our finds on video/disc, what type of camera do you use? we are going to get the garret, update.

    We both love looking at all your videos and look forward to seeing more.

    Thanks from John and Amanda.

    • Thanks for your comment and for watching our videos John and Amanda. Our principle camera we use for the YouTube videos is a Panasonic Lumix FT10 waterproof/dustproof/drop-proof compact digital, which we mount on a tripod. This is an older model now and I believe the current model is the FT25 or so. We have found it to have the right balance of quality, ruggedness and compact size for what we do (waterproof is a big plus). Please keep us up to date with your adventures. Warren and Colleen.

  2. Well done that man!Bravo Zulu to you both!(waz’ll get it).love your videos,your narration,the history lesson,and the tips.Have an AT PRO myself and have been taking a leaf out of Beau Ouimettes book (chk his youtube channel if you haven’t already,lots of tips on finding and preserving relics),and have been checking out the local creeks around here(near highlands nsw)if you like old buttons,the old fords are the go.In the last 3 months have found,1 brass mntd police.3 ns wales railways(never seen NS WALES,before always nsw,1 large 2 cuffs)and a VR button(ex cond!).Yesterday found a 1936 quarter anna(indian) in near mint cond(9 nails on top of it!)Anyway,many thanks & a Happy New Year to you both!Cheers,and may you never find another another ringpull!

  3. Hi NQE. I very much enjoy your videos and the laconic style with which they are presented. As I recognise much of the scenery in your videos I figure we must be near neighbours or at least within a bulls roar of each other. I am new to metal detecting am not ideally set up for video as yet However, I have uploaded 2 youtube videos which you may be interested in – especially as the finds are from the creeks around Cairns. Anyhow – all the best to you both, keep them coming. Regards, SpinifexLeftHand.

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