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  1. Hello,

    My husband and I will be in Queensland in December of 2020 (traveling from the US) and are interested in spending a few days prospecting for gold. Do you know of any companies that offer tours? Someone who can show us what to do and provide metal detectors and other necessary equipment?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

  2. Hi Warren
    Thinking of going to the gold shop in Ballarat to look at buying a detector. Should I buy an at gold and or at pro or atx or like the song two out of three ain’t bad

    Regards Bob
    Thanks for the info

    • If you are just going hard core prospecting Bob, I would go for pulse (i.e. ATX with a mono coil, or if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, AT Max with an accessory 5 x 8″ DD which is the best setup on the Max for small gold nuggets. Cheers mate. Warren.

  3. I have been using my AT pro for years and find it brilliant and versatile, but now I want to hit the Vic. and WA. goldfields with another machine, but which one. Previously had a Minelab 4500, sold that , wasn’t overly impressed, possibly my mistake, but want your honest opinion on the best general purpose machine. A good friend has the Minelab 7000, but can’t justify the price and their they seem to have problems from reviews, Minelab 5000 machines don’t get great reviews also. So the dilemma is, is their a Garrett detector to suit my needs on a budget to say $5000.00 or another brand and model?
    Max Manning

    • G’day Max,
      Thanks for contacting us. All the Minelab machines you mentioned, GPX4500, GPX5000 are very good high-end gold prospecting machines, although they do have a long learning curve, with a number of settings that can be quite confusing to a first-time Pulse Induction user. The comparable Garrett machine would of course be the ATX, specifically designed for prospecting in Australia, tested in WA in the toughest soil conditions there are. I could suggest you purchase an ATX standard unit with either the new closed Monoloop or DD coils, and add the 8″ open mono coil as an accessory. This will give you a lot of detecting options, and good sensitivity on small gold with the little mono. The Deepseeker package (in the hard case with the 20″ mono) is also an option you could look at. The ATX with an additional c oil would be under your $5,000 budget ($3,999.00 + $939.00). Altogether there a five coil options for ATX.Hope this helps mate.

  4. Hi warren, finally remembered password so can log on. I have got a question if I may you guys are the experts and I value your opinion. I live in the Latrobe valley and have been chasing old gold mines and relics for 40 years mainly just photographing, we have a GPX 5000 and 2200D but these are to cumbersum and as most of the gold here is alluvial in the river and streams would the ATX do the job ? or AT GOLD ? I have a little ACE 250 that stays in the car ( its great ) and I need to buy another AT PRO …. ( hint don’t back over them they don’t like it …..LOL )

    • G’day Warren, I think the AT Gold would be your best choice for the creeks and mullock heaps around the old workings. The ATX being a pulse machine, just like the GPX and SDC, has very limited discrimination capabilities and you will be digging all that iron all day and going mad doing it. With an AT Gold and the small DD coil, you can get into the creeks and crevices around the boulders, and underwater too (to 3m depth). Unless the ground is too hot for a VLF, I think that would be your best bet. You might consider the new Pro-Pointer AT, it is also submersible to 3m, but is sensitive to small gold (and has adustable sensitivity), particularly good for fossicking in the creeks in the cracks and traps. Hope this helps mate. Happy Fossicking! Warren.

      • Hi warren thanks for that, looks like the AT Gold is the go. If I think of it I will post a photo of an Americian civil war belt buckle that the little 250 found. ( pretty chuffed about that. ). We find a lot of old coins etc in the small creeks its amazing how much they lost, including fob watches.
        Cheers warren.

  5. Good morning

    I am looking at purchasing a metal detector for my grandson who lives and breathes computers as a way of giving him an outside interest. I do not wish to spend too much at first in case my strategy doesn’t work, what would you recommend?
    We as an extended family are going camping soon and I thought this would make a good Christmas present.
    Thank you Denise

    • Thanks for contacting us Denise. As your grandson is tech-savvy, he will have no trouble adapting to and controlling a metal detector. A good starting point is the Garrett ACE250, this is the world’s largest selling hobby detector, very good value for money and certainly not a ‘toy’. We have had one for many years and it has found literally thousands of coins and relics. It is not only a good starting machine but it can serve as his primary detector for many years without the need to ‘upgrade’ unless he really wants to. It retails in Australia for $379 – so this is great value for money. Best wishes – Warren and Colleen.

  6. Hi Warren & Colleen.

    Love the videos. Watching you both detect has inspired me to get back into the hobby I enjoyed as a kid with a $90 machine from Tandy Electronics. I am going to purchase an X-Terra 705 machine as there is a Minelab dealer just down the road and hope to learn the ins & outs of detecting without much frustration (lol). Living in the central Victorian goldfields should present me with some great opportunities. Love all the history of the goldfields and would love to find the calibre of objects that you guys do, but I am under no illusion of finding anything great for quite some time. Keep up the great videos! 🙂

    • Thanks for watching our videos and for your great comment Jason – and welcome back to the hobby! I am sure you will be turning up some great relics and pieces of Australian history real soon! You are certainly placed in the right spot – Central Victoria is literally overflowing with Aussie history – and gold of course. Look forward to hearing of your success mate. All the best and Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen.

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  8. Hello, I am just getting into detecting, but have been a huge history fan, especially local history. I have also been in love with Australia and New Zealand for ever, would love to come over there for the shearing season ( another hobby/job) of mine. I wondered if you have ever hunted any old shearing sheds/sheep yards? There are a few around here from the turn of the century, and they are going to be my first targets. Keep digging, and good luck, Chris

    • G’day Chris,

      We haven’t actually done any old shearing sheds – simply because there are no sheep in our part of Australia as we are in the tropics. Certainly would love to detect the old sheds on those sheep stations down south – so much history there and so many characters – especially the shearer’s barracks, they would be great fun to detect. Hope you do well mate – Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.

  9. Hello Warren & Colleen,,I’m a bit like a cracked record here with this post I’m sorry ,but your videos have been awsome as everone else has said , My wife and I both detect as you 2 do and love the history that we have learned through your adventures , and also the few hunts that we have set out on,, we dont get alot of spare time at this point but hope to find more soon , not sure if you guys have found any yet but the 2 trade tokens we found out our way have been the most interesting among all the other pre decimals , I have a new AT PRO on its way so am looking forward to giving it a run over some of the spots I am thinking I have hunted out , but I guess we all know that that never realy happens,, anyway thanks again for your videos and good luck on your future hunts,,
    cheers Roger

    • Roger,

      Thanks for your comment mate – and hope your new AT Pro arrives soon. But I would certainly recommend re-doing your old sites with the AT Pro as you have suggested. I am in the process of doing that myself. I loved my old GTI2500 to death – but the AT Pro DD coil definitely goes deeper than the concentric imaging coil on the GTI2500 and it provides superb target separation in ‘clutter’. Suffice to say I am making finds with the AT Pro that I ‘missed’ with the GTI (this is more a comment on my skills as a detectorist than any critique of the might GTI2500 – LOL). If your budget can stretch to accessory coils – the little 5″ x 8″ DD (as stock on the AT Gold) is an absolute ripper on the AT Pro, really gets in among trash targets and pulls out the high tones. Colleen swears by the little coil and always outdoes me on the finds! The AT Pro is packed with features and in PRO mode is a real weapon in experienced hands! Hope you and your wife are able to get out and find the goodies on a regular basis!

      Also congratulations on the Trade Tokens – something on our ‘wish list’ which neither of us have yet found. One reason being that they were illegal as tender by the time North Queensland was settled in the early 1870s. I know a few come to light down around Rockhampton, not so common up our way!

      All the best and Happy Hunting!

      Warren and Colleen.

      • Hello again,, yeah I did stretch the budget a bit and got the 5″ x 8″ coil as well as the 4.5 ,,I started out with the ace 250 a few years ago but very quickly out grew it,, I moved to the GTP1350 then up a bit more to the GTI 1500, I recently bought an Xterra 705 and have enjoyed it but I am still a Garrett fan as my grandfather had 2 of them 30 years ago and we hunted all round when I was a kid, We live out west of Rockhampton and have a bunch of old pub sites with in a couple of hours drive so we are planning our trips to those next year , there is also a number of old shearers quarters on our hit list as well
        cheers Roger

  10. I too enjoy the diverse wonderings and speculative nature of the documentation of your adventures. It makes me feel like…I’m some how…right there we you! The videos really allow me to for get that I’m watching all the exploration on my IPad…. 😉

    One last thing I’d like to say to both of you…don’t be shy about letting more of … ‘Who you are’ come through in your videos! It makes us feel like we’re part of the….Team!

    I feel most of us realize that…quite often the ‘Explorers are just as if not more interesting than that which they explore’ !

    Cheers and safe travels….

    Rod From the ‘Motherlode’ N. Cal

    Ps. Can’t wait to how it goes for you with the new ATX!

    • Thanks for your great comment Rod – we really appreciate input such as yours. And we will endeavour to include more of “us’ in the videos as you suggest. I am in the process of convincing Colleen to commentate an upcoming video. We will have some ATX videos up in the near future – thanks again mate and all the very best to you over there on the Motherlode.

      Happy Hunting mate!

      Warren and Colleen.

      • Hi NQE (Warren + Colleen) !

        A possible new commentator for a new machine…sounds super! I can’t wait to see and hear all about it from you two.

        All the best and thanks again for sharing !


  11. Hello from Kansas! I’m an addicted follower of your videos and love the history research you have taken the time to do and share with them. It truly shows the love and respect you have for your homeland! I noticed that you and Colleen wear some very low gaiters on all of your treks and wondered what brand they are? I liked the way the can collapse down while wearing jeans or shorts. Also in one of your latest videos, Colleen had on a rain hat of sorts. Can you share where I can find them?! Lots of happy hunting to you both and above all…stay safe; and uh, if you ever happen to run into Keith Urban in the outback…I want video of that too! LOL.

    • G’day Debbie and thanks for your kind words regarding our videos. History is a very important aspect of our hobby to us and it allows us to put our finds ‘in context’. With regards to the gaiters – they are heavy-grade canvas that we purchased from an Army Disposal store – I have checked and I don’t know the brand – threw the packet out long ago LOL. Pretty sure they are made locally here. The heavy canvas is great for repelling grass seeds and any creepy-crawlies. I think the hat you referred to was the camouflaged ‘boonie’ hat. This is actually cotton and not a rain hat as such – it is official Australian Army issue and we also purchased that at a Disposal store. But you can probably get them on e-bay – search for ‘Auscam Boonie’. They also come in an Australian ‘Desert cam’ version. Once again thanks for checking out our videos – it is comments such as yours that keep us going back and filming and editing! All the best to you and your family. Warren and Colleen.

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  13. Hey Blokes ~
    (“although summer can be tough going!”)

    I can vouch for that ~ I trekked out to sweep an old derelict pub site up here on the table lands last Saturday ~ and it had just cleared after rain and at 3.30 in the afternoon ~

    I thought I was going to peel over ~ Pheww!!

    But hey I will never live anywhere else now ~ FNQ Utopia ~ (LOL)
    After all we have contemporary ~ Gold ~ History and WWII sites galore ~

    Only thing I don’t have is ~ (enough) TIME ~ TIME and time !

    But the Garrett AT Pro has gleaned more targets UNDER water than regular surface ~ So can be very refreshing !!


    Stuart SS / Brit Biker- (retired)

    • Great to hear you are having success with the AT Pro – in the water, the best place in summer as you have commented. Hope to see some video hunts from you soon mate! Happy Hunting! Warren.

  14. Your videos – especially your insight into the areas you are huntng – are exceptional. The ground is covered in snow here in Boston, MA….not very ideal for hunting. I cannot wait to get out this spring. Your videos will get me through the winter!!

    • G’day Mike, thanks for taking the time to watch our videos and comment, always appreciated! I hope the Spring thaw is not too far off for you blokes and you can be soon out detecting – I guess you are restricted to a “hunting season” of sorts. Here in Queensland the climate is tropical so we can detect all year around (although summer can be tough going!) All the best mate and Happy Hunting! Warren.

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