Metal Detecting the Outback: ‘Malaytown’ Part 4: Garrett AT Pro International.

In this video we make our fourth visit to the site of ‘Malaytown’, which dates from the 1880s. Some great relics and coins come to light once again on a site that has produced many relics in the past – ‘keep going back!’ Thanks for watching and subscribing. Colleen and Warren.


Gold Nuggets found with the Garrett ATX.

Gold nuggets and .925 silver recovered with the Garrett ATX in the Golden Triangle, Victoria, Australia. The video includes a ‘start to finish’ live dig on a lovely 2.3 gram solid gold nugget (recovered at a depth of 20cm/8 inches – plus the leaf litter & deadfall), a Sterling Silver 1891 Victoria Threepence, and a second nugget weighing in at 1.0 gram. Thanks for watching and subscribing.


Gemboree 2015 – Horsham, Victoria.

If you are in Horsham, Victoria, over the Easter long weekend, we will be at the Gemboree 2015 with Garrett Australia & Cordell Kent from The Mining Exchange Gold Shop, Ballarat. Drop by and say g’day and share a few of your bush adventures and stories with us. We will be happy to demonstrate any of the range of Garrett Metal Detectors. See you there! Warren.


Garrett ATX in Australia: A Professional Prospector’s Viewpoint.

Join with us for a couple of beers around the campfire with two Western Australian Professional Prospectors – Matt and Campbell, who now use the Garrett ATX as the primary pulse induction metal detector in their arsenal. Matt and Campbell explain their reasons for converting to the ATX, discussing such features as threshold stability in the highly mineralized W.A. goldfields, detecting W.A. salt lakes, EMR shielding and the usefulness of the Iron Check feature. This is Part 1 of a series of videos filmed entirely on location in the beautiful Eastern Goldfields of W.A.


ATX Gold Nugget.

ATX Gold – Our mate FNQ Chris’s first nugget, 0.6gm of beautiful Palmer River Gold. The nugget was detected in very hot ground at 10-15cm (4-6″) with the stock ATX DD coil in an area that had been well visited by detectorists over the years.


Garrett ATX: Aussie Gold!

ATX – Aussie Gold! Lovely 0.9 gram nugget from hot ironstone/quartz rubble. Detected with the stock DD coil. Video coming soon! Warren.



Garrett ATX in Australia: Using the Discrimination Feature.

A short explanation of the Discrimination feature on the Garrett ATX, and how it will effect detection of low-conductivity targets at depth. Setting any level of discrimination advances the time delay that the detector will read the return pulse from a detected target. The return pulse on small, low conductive targets (such as small gold nuggets) quickly decays and setting any discrimination may result on the loss of detection of these targets. We hope you find this short video informative, and look forward to bringing you goldfields prospecting videos in the coming months. Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen.


Garrett ATX: 20″ Deepseeker Monoloop Coil.

In this short demonstration video, we check the response of the Garrett ATX with the optional 20″ x15″ Deepseeker Monoloop Coil on larger, deeper targets. For this purpose we bury a 300gm lead ‘nugget’ (we didn’t have an actual 10-ouncer to hand!!) in mineralized Australian soil. This is purely for illustrative purposes and is not meant to be a “will detect target X at depth Y” demo — there are too many variables in the field for tests of this nature to be definitive. The big mono will, of course detect targets of 300gm/10oz at much greater depths, dependent on field conditions and control settings, and operator technique. In addition to the target response segment, we also demonstrate the use of the Garrett sling and do a ‘real time’ coil change.

We hope you enjoy this short demonstration and find it informative. More ATX goldfields videos to follow soon! Happy Prospecting! Warren and Colleen.


Garrett ATX: Australian Sub-Gram Gold Nuggets.

In this short demonstration video, we check the response of the Garrett ATX with it’s stock DD searchcoil on tiny gold nuggets in highly mineralized Australian ironstone clay/gravel which is typically encountered in our goldfields. The advantage that the ATX provides to Aussie prospectors over current PI machines is the ability to detect very low conductive, sub-gram nuggets with a DD coil.  Most prospectors will be utilizing monoloop coils for their sensitivity on small gold, the penalty is that in hot and variable ground, the monoloop will experience unstable and variable thresholds to the point where it may become unusable. With the ATX stock DD, you now get stable operation in very hot ground on sub-gram gold. All this with a single setting (no complex switch settings) and the option of two modes of operation: Motion, and Non-Motion.


Experienced prospectors will know that a test bed cannot fully replicate actual field conditions, such as varying mineralization, soil moisture content, soil air voids, ambient noise, ambient temperature, threshold settings, coil swing technique and the fact that the gold has been in the ground for many millions of years – but this test bed demonstration will serve to illustrate the usefulness of the ATX with the standard DD coil in adverse environments. The ATX is no re-badged Infinium or Recon-pro, it is new technology that provides a real advantage on small gold in hot ground. This comes with no sacrifice to the ability to detect large nuggets at depth. We hope you enjoy this short demonstration and find it informative. More ATX goldfields videos to follow soon! Happy Prospecting! Warren and Colleen.