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WW2 Relic Hunt: Australian 25th Brigade Camp: Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold.

Join with us on our second sortie to a 1943/44 tent encampment area of the Australian Army’s 25th Brigade, 7th Infantry Division. Colleen unearths ‘find of the day’ — a Sterling Silver Florin, along with some other nice military relics and pieces of Australian history. Thanks for watching and commenting and Happy Fossicking everyone! Colleen and Warren.


One Million Views: Australian Metal Detecting.

Although we have been coin and relic hunting for many years, it wasn’t until March 2011 that we joined YouTube and uploaded our first NQ Explorers video. Since that time we have amassed over 1,000,000 views on our metal detecting videos. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our many good mates and subscribers from all over the world who share in our adventures. As this video is only just over 3 minutes in length, we have uploaded it in full High Definition 1080p, so please adjust your YouTube settings accordingly, and re-live some of our finds from the last 3 years. Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


Metal Detecting Queensland’s “Wild West” Garrett AT Pro AT Gold

Join with us for a spot of relic and coin hunting at the site of a 1880s ‘ghost town’ in North Queensland. We have a look at a bit of the unique history of the site and also interesting fossils dating back some 400 million years. We hope you enjoy our day out on a (relatively) wintery North Queensland day. Please note that some areas of this site are heritage listed, and that no relic hunting was carried out in these designated zones. Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


Metal Detecting WW2 R.A.A.F. Base: The Final Sortie.

Join with us on our 8th and final sortie to a WW2 R.A.A.F. Operational Air Base. We have done well over 100 hours metal detecting the main camp area and the finds in this video reflect all that prior activity. To this end, we have included some ‘bonus footage’ after the outing, highlighting some of the ‘live digs’ and looking back at our time on the site. We hope you enjoy this last trip to a spot which we have enjoyed exploring over the last 2 years or so. Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


The Final Sortie.

Our next video will the final outing to a WW2 RAAF forward operational air base on Cape York. We have done well over 100 hours detecting the Squadron Camp area and have made some great finds over the course of 8 filmed outings. Finds are, however, dropping away (due to our own efforts!) – and a return visit is unlikely, unless research reveals a new and undiscovered area we have not visited. We will include some highlights of the previous 7 trips in this ‘Final Sortie’ video. Thanks for watching our videos – Colleen and Warren.
raaf personnel


ATX Gold Nugget.

ATX Gold – Our mate FNQ Chris’s first nugget, 0.6gm of beautiful Palmer River Gold. The nugget was detected in very hot ground at 10-15cm (4-6″) with the stock ATX DD coil in an area that had been well visited by detectorists over the years.


ATX Relic Hunting.

WW2 Australian Military Forces tunic button dug at over 9″ with the ATX fitted with the 8″ monoloop coil. This small coil achieves excellent depth and is very sensitive to small targets – the proportional audio is a great feature of the ATX and gives a very good indication of target depth.


We are back on the air!

Sorry for the NQ Explorers website being down for the last 3 days. Gremlins behind the scenes but all sorted now thanks to Chad at Grizzly Groundswell. Check out his great Facebook page at www.facebook.com/temeritymagazinegroup

Thanks Chad!

Colleen and Warren.