Buying a Metal Detector – Start Up Guide: S.A. Road Trip Drive and Chat.

This ‘lost footage’ was recorded on a 700km South Australian road trip last year – there is no metal detecting in the video just a ‘Drive and Chat’ covering such topics as ‘What Metal Detector to Buy’, ‘Getting Permission’, ‘Licences and Fees’ etc. The footage was shot on a GoPro Hero in the vehicle and the sound isn’t top notch but we explain the equipment in use and how this came about as we go along. Please sit back and enjoy some outstanding South Australian outback scenery, a little WW2 history, and a whole swag of advice and tips. Please consider subscribing to our channel and we welcome all your comments, and we will reply to any questions. All the best and Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen. Our VLOG: We use Garrett Metal Detectors on our adventures: 5.11 Bush Apparel by Outdoor Tactical, Brisbane.


Garrett Apex Metal Detector: Advanced Tips.

In this video we explore the advanced features of the Garrett Apex metal detector in more depth and give some insights into how the machine works and ways you can use these features to maximise your success. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen. Our VLOG: Garrett Metal Detectors: 5.11 Bush Apparel and Survival Equipment from Outdoor Tactical, Brisbane.


WW2 Camp in Summer: U.S. and Australian Relics.

Join with us in sweltering 38C/100F conditions as we explore one of our favourite WW2 camp areas and continue to unearth our joint Australian and U.S. history. Dry conditions allowed us to swing the coil in areas usually covered by thick grass and bracken fern. We hope you enjoy this outing with a cool beverage! Thank you for watching and subscribing! Colleen and Warren – Queensland, Australia.


Gold! Traditional Gold Cradle – Build Your Own!

This video is an update to one of our original NQ Explorers videos where we demonstrated the use of an 1850s pattern gold cradle or rocker box. The video is in three parts, feel free to jump to the part that interests you the most at the following timestamps (or just watch it all to get the full cradling experience!):

0.00 – Introduction. 0:47 – Part 1: History of the Gold Cradle in Australia. 3:06 – Part 2: Build Your Own – the Anatomy of a Gold Cradle. 14:33 – Part 3: Field Trip! Cradling for Gold the Old Timer’s Way. 27:34 – The Cleanup.

Gold Cradle Plans:

5.11 Outdoor Apparel and Survival Equipment by Outdoor Tactical, Brisbane.


River Silver – The Cable Ferry Crossing.

This brief sortie is to the site of a late 19th Century Cable Ferry. Finds tend to date back to the early 20th Century and the single coin from the 1960s just prior to the Ferryman’s house being removed. The ‘western bank’ is yet to be explored in a future video, but we thought you may enjoy a brief look around what was once a very busy site and has the potential for much earlier finds. Due to heavy iron infestation, in this video we are using small searchcoils – the trusty Garrett AT Pro with a NEL ‘Snake’, and an AT Max with a 5 x 8″ DD coil. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.


The ‘New’ WW2 Camp – Digger Relics, Hard Ground & Angry Ants!

This is our first sortie into a ‘new’ WW2 camp area since the initial reconnaissance of a few weeks back – no sensational finds but everyday items such as medical tubes abound. Lots of live digs with regular ant attacks will hopefully keep you entertained until we explore deeper into the bushland in upcoming episodes. Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


Great Depression Relics: 1920s Australian Shantytown.

In this video we return to a site where we have made some great finds in the past – a Great Depression Era Shantytown or ‘Bagtown’ situated in what is now a very picturesque slice of Aussie bush. Finds reflect the humble lifestyle that families lived out during those difficult times in our nation’s history. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.


Pioneer Farmhouse – Relics From the Past. Exploring and Metal Detecting.

In this video we travel with our mate Wayne to one of his permissions in North Queensland – a 1,000 acre farm which dates from the late 1800s. A beautiful location with a mountain backdrop where a gold and silver mine were worked over 100 years ago. A big thank you to Wayne and the land owner for permission to explore this site. Happy Fossicking! Warren, Colleen and Wayne.

WW2 Camp Metal Detecting – 1st Recon Sortie.

In this video we make a first sortie to the site of a little-known and difficult to find WW2 Australian Army camp. Some great finds right off the bat seem to indicate that we may be the ‘first in’ on this brief reconnaisance sortie. Stand by for our next video where Colleen is called in to assist searching for historic relics left behind by our WW2 ‘Diggers’. Thanks for watching and subscribing to our channel. Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen.