Metal Detecting ‘The Lost Valley’ Part 1.

On this trip we visit a private permission deep in the Great Dividing Range, where a whole Colonial settlement existed in the late 19th Century. Now abandoned and forgotten, with even it’s initial purpose a mystery, the site reveals itself find by find to be one of the best areas we have visited in a long time. Colonial coins and buttons feature in this first instalment, including a 1790 Gaming Jeton and some nice brass buckles. In Part 2, the finds really ramp up with some Colonial Australiana coming to light. We hope you enjoy joining with us unearth some great Australian history! Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.

A big thank you to Ross and his Dad for permission to visit and detecting this site!


Dump Digging and Relic Hunting in Arizona – Part 1.

Join with Ringy, CB, Warren and Colleen as we embark on the first part of our Arizona detecting and dump digging adventure. We headed into Arizona after the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and we all came home with some fantastic relics and coins from the trip. Spectacular scenery in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona provide the backdrop for our adventures. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did filming the experience.
Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.

WW2 Relic Hunting: Abandoned Airfield: NEL ‘Attack’ Coil Review.

This video is a multi-day sortie with various Garrett detectors to the remnant site of an R.A.A.F. staging strip, the first half with AT Max and a small 5 x 8″ DD coil, then we return a few days later with an AT Pro International and a 15″ NEL DD ‘Attack’ coil to evaluate the NEL’s performance in difficult (and extremely hot) conditions. Some great finds come to light with both machines on the two days. At some point we will have Colleen on the site – rest assured she returns in our next video! Happy Fossicking to you all! Colleen and Warren. #metaldetecting #relichunting #ww2 #4wd #garrett


Metal Detecting Depression-Era Shanty Town Part 2: Garrett AT Max.

Colleen joins us in a return to the Depression-era ‘shantytown’, where we unearth some great personal items plus a nice coin ‘spill’, including two silver coins, from the nearby ‘two-up’ school. We hope you enjoy this little look back in history with us in a very picturesque bushland setting. Happy Fossicking to you all! Colleen and Warren.


Metal Detecting Depression-Era Shanty Town: Garrett AT Max.

In our first outing to a late 1920s Shanty Town, we uncover some poignant relics of a bygone era when young families struggled in tough conditions during the Great Depression. The little village lingered into the 1950s (as the finds reflect), with some youngsters spending their entire childhood in the location. We will return with Parts II and III in the coming weeks. Happy Fossicking! Warren and Colleen.


Gold, Silver & Rusty Objects: Australian Metal Detecting Review 2018.

We had a lot of great adventures in 2018 and appreciate all the views and comments we have had on our videos. We have a lot more adventures planned for 2019 but first please join us as we look back on the year past in this short video. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren & Colleen, Queensland, Australia.

“Kiss the Dirt” by INXS.


Metal Detecting: Cricket Buckle!

In Part 2 of our (possibly 3 part) series ‘Rust and Dust’, we return to the site of an 1860s goldfields prospecting camp, and Colleen immediately comes up with a pristine Cricket Buckle, lost by a gold miner long ago. We then go on to explore further afield for more lost relics of that historic time. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.


Metal Detecting: “Rust & Dust”: Garrett AT Max International.

Join with us in the first of a two-part ‘raw detecting’ sortie to an 1870s goldfields camp. We present this day ‘as it happened’ with plenty of live digs and rough edges – not every trip produces sensational finds. However, in part two the site does gives up some great secrets – please stay tuned! Happy Fossicking! Colleen and Warren.


4WD Touring: Condamine Gorge ’14 Crossings’ Track.

No metal detecting in this first video of a series of 4WD touring guides we will be uploading. An easy day trip from Brisbane in a high-clearance 4WD is the Condamine River Gorge and Waterfall Circuit, on the Queensland/NSW border. So sit back and enjoy a good dose of Defender-cam as we explore this beautiful region around the Main Range. Thanks for watching and subscribing! Warren and Colleen.